Monday, February 25, 2013

Progressive USA endangering ‘gun control’ foot soldiers.

Those who play political chess will tell us Halvorson opposes banning semi-autos and some such, while hard-liners will point out the prospective ban is likely to fail anyway, and where we really need to put our focus is on opposing the very things Halvorson supports. That will be parried with the argument that if she does not win, someone worse will, and that Michael Bloomberg is pouring money into making sure she doesn’t. And that will be countered by asking how badly we’re willing to compromise all principles in order to make a nominal gain, and if a line in the sand even exists for the "art of the possible" aficionados on “our side.”


Anonymous said...

Every cause needs sacrificial martyrs.

Anonymous said...

Lie down with the wrong dog and get up with fleas.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that the multiculturalists and worshippers at the alter of diversity so loathe the culture and religion of their own countrymen, yet hold the "culture" of those who would murder them all in such high esteem.
The casual observer might be tempted to conclude there is an alternate agenda at work with these folks - or perhaps that they are full of shit and simply to stupid to realize it.