Wednesday, February 20, 2013

If you're not going to David Codrea's Examiner column, you're missing out on a lot.

Here's two recent ones:
Baca gun permits for gifts report highlights pattern of hypocrisy and worse.
Chicago's top cop condemns gun owners for political activism


Anonymous said...

What you won't miss are the stupid and annoying pop ups and drivel playing in the background.

For me - when the first one appears - I leave the site.

Nothing there is worth enduring being assaulted by that BS.

AJ said...

I like Dave's stuff, but I hate all of the ads on Examiner.

Anonymous said...

One word: Adblock. It's a standard feature of Firefox and there's a free version for IE.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the posters above. You can't even read the article until all the goddamn pop-ups and ads stop loading. Irritating as hell.

Anonymous said...

Wheever I go to the Examiner site I end up looking for the volume tab to shut off the commercials. Whenever I finish reading what I went to the site for I cannot exit the Examiner site. I have to go offline to get out of the Examiner's clutches. I hate that site and avoid it like the Plague because of those reasons.