Monday, February 18, 2013

They just don't get it, do they?

"Gun dealers report shortages of ammunition."
My old Econ 101 professor at Franklin University, William Jennings Bryan, Junior, (don't laugh -- his daddy was a first-generation American from Lebanon, who fled the old country because of political and religious persecution and who took WJB's moniker because he admired the man from our history) taught me that except in cases involving sex and love, all economic transactions were rational. What is apparent from this article is that no one comes close to understanding (or, being willing to speak the uncomfortable truth about) the rationale behind the current market run on firearms and ammunition.
Folks are buying weapons like there is no tomorrow because they believe that there will be no tomorrow. The name for that uncertainty is, at best, economic collapse and at worst civil war.
The evidence is right in front of their faces and they do not, cannot, see it.
Oh, well, back to the reloading bench.


rexxhead said...

I've often said I expect the imminent collapse of the American economy. People who think that way often buy precious metals against the awful day. I'm buying ammunition. I think ammunition will be the new coin of the realm if it all comes tumbling down.

Perhaps our government's purchase of 1.6 billion rounds is their way of controlling the new currency...

Anonymous said...

My philosophy is to get while the getting is good.

So I did.

Years ago. Then "The One" got elected and things got more expensive but were still available. That's when I got serious.

No frenzy here.

Anonymous said...

I saw the smoke on the horizon in 2008, and reacted accordingly; buying as much as I could afford. One thing people ignore is 12Ga shotgun loads. They are cheap, effective, and easy to trade.