Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feinstein's 'assault weapon' ban goes to committee, as bans become irrelevant

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls, "gun control," it tolls for your evil ass."


Anonymous said...

Gun control, releasing illegal aliens, constantly saying anything under any pretense to divide and agitate Americans, etc., etc., leads me to only one conclusion-- Obama and cohorts are playing for all the marbles. Obama is trying to precipitate a violent response so he can react while looking presidential while 'fixing' the problem. This will get the unthinking to rally around the president to 'fix' it. Yes, he is willing to play with fire to achieve his goals. His primary goal is seizing additional power and wielding it as he wishes.

And the Republicans think this is about a sequester or some budget deal. They are not even on the same playing board as Obama... complete cluelessness.

If I am right, then the the correct response, being taken by many now, is to prepare for war. This is reasonable. But I would also add that it is worth considering playing out the clock here. I think even Obama realizes that time is ticking away and that he needs violence to achieve his ends. I say don't give him the ammo he needs to go further and faster.

We are in the first half of this little scrimmage until the 2014 Nov. elections, half time until after Thanksgiving 2014, then the second half goes until Jan. 20, 2017 at noon.

Anonymous said...

So, wise anonymous, what MVB has said, no Ft Sumters.
Wise words indeed, but my trigger finger is getting itchy.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler and The National Socialists "saved" Germany from the chaos of the Weimar Republic.

Lenin and Trotsky of the Bolsheviks "saved" Russia from the chaos of the Kerensky government.

Who will our low information voters, addicted to sustenance from the government, turn to when (not if) our republic collapses?

Anonymous said...

We need to be looking at the whole big picture here.

Dems know that a ban is dead on arrival. That is not going to stop them from organizing against us the way they do, which is by stirring up the ignorant masses.

State by state is how I would wage this campaign. Push states into gun control legislation.

Why do I think this? Because their side really messed over the folks in NY and CO and the sky hasnt fallen.

In my opinion by Jan. 20, 2017 our country is not even going to be recognizable to us.

They have the advantage. They are all about community organizing, masses manipulation. We are not. Probably because we have souls and choose not to lie to our selves.

Look at the big picture. If you feel gun control pressure easing, its because they want you to lower your guard.

And while they get their traitors in the state legislatures to pass their BS ask yourself while it just wasnt enough. Ask if its just the Feds you should be worried about.

Happy D said...

"As bans become irrelevant."
I look forward to the next technological leap in small arms design.
But I would place a side bet that it may come from an old idea. Perhaps a very old idea. Some weapons concepts that did not work out in the past are now feasible due to new materials and fabrication technology.

bloodyspartan said...

Elections mean jack shit they control all the voting software it will prove nothing and do nothing but solidify them.

War is the only answer. Wake up a pproper application of force is necessary because it is logical.

wait to long and our Chinese european masters will divide us up in a firesale.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who will take the time to watch the sandy hook hoax videos on you tube will know this was really a
hoax. There were either noone killed or if deaths occurred they were selected for extermination. I think
our govt. planned it all.