Monday, February 25, 2013

A militaria collectible.

Sipsey Street has recently come into possession of a boatload of slightly dated US military manuals on a bootleg DVD -- nothing classified, of course, but darned useful stuff just the same. It strikes me that some readers who are behind on their voluntary subscriptions might be interested in obtaining a copy. Regular donors (and you -- and I -- know who you are) need only drop me an email or a snail mail with a USPS address to obtain a copy.
These DVDs contain the following Department of the Army Manual Sets:
EM 0178 General Publications (Current as of 1 November 2007)
EM 0045 NBC Equipment -- Masks, Detectors, Radiac Sets & Related Equipment (Current as of 1 November 2007)
EM 0093 Mines, Mine Clearing & Emplacement Equipment (Current as of 1 February 2008)
EM 0065 Mortars, Small Arms, Mounts & Related Equipment (Current as of 1 December 2007)
Altogether there are over 500 individual field and technical manuals on this disc. Since I will be responsible for the cost of mailing them out, is it too much to ask for a minimum donation of $20 to cover postage and handling?
Anyone interested can contribute by donating using the PayPal button on the right or by sending it to me via snail mail at PO Box 926, Pinson, AL 35126. Those who are more than up-to-date can email me at GeorgeMason1776ATaolDOTcom with their mailing address.


Anonymous said...

Please be careful that PayPal doesn't start in on this.

Anonymous said...

Um, bittorrent?

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday I tried to order a book from someone using paypal (against my better wishes). Paypal wouldn' accept my card (that I use everyday). I respect you, I admire you and having spent most of my life around Columbus I feel a kinship to you so I feel I can chide you by saying, "finish Absolved and your money problems will disolve". Only you can do this and we are more or less patiently waiting.