Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Illinois House Democrats have a come to Jesus moment on guns yesterday."

Specifically, House Democrats were told that Illinois would effectively have “Constitutional Carry” where anyone who was eligible to own guns could carry them freely in public without training, licensing, qualification and precious little in the way of restriction.
After a lot of back and forth, one Chicago Representative asked if someone could carry a loaded rifle into the Statehouse. He was told “Yes”.
It was reported that you could hear a pin drop for an uncomfortably long time after that as a stunned silence came over the room.


GaryM said...

Illinois politicians must feel they have reason to fear citizens with guns. Maybe they should think of it as a "performance evaluation".

Anonymous said...

I went to a public school, so forgive me for asking.

Does anyone else see this? When "Constitutional Carry" is discussed, they then realize that they must act to infringe on that? If anyone acknowleges that there is something called "Constitutional Carry", that they also acknowlege that any law that does anything to interfere with that, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL???????

Ashrak said...

And in this context the NRA offers them fingerprinting we pay for, classroom time we have to pay an unset dollar amount for, range time we have to pay for passing a test we don't yet know the requirements of, with our own firearm and new ammo(no reloads allowed). Oh yeah another 25 bucks to the state police ( as the state police testify to wanting that fee to be as much as 250 bucks). All this in addition to the FOID card we are already required to get in order to even possess one cartridge much less a gun.

Additionally the NRA offers imposition of duty to inform with undisclosed as if yet penalty for not doing so. And a whole host of banned sensitive places as well.

Rifles and shotguns are exempted so this is limiting carry to is told only and it leaves out all other arms too. No knives dirks clubs etc etc. it leaves in place some of the most nonsensical code imaginable- just permission slips as an addition sheeeesh.

The hearings were kind of funny. Most of what the GEABBERS want is already in the NRA bill.

With constitutional carry right around the corner, why is the NRA- Illinois carry-gunssavelives - ISRA backed bill giving away the farm like this??? It reads like a wish list for the Brady Campaign!!!

True colors are shining through IMHO.
Some want to make sure their bread remains buttered for decades to come.

These organizations should be ashamed of themselves for snatching defeat from the mouth of victory.

These organizations should be opposing ANY legislation until July 4th. They should be working to block all legislation until Independence Day. Instead they are acting like the Joyce brothers and the Brady bunch.

Sad it is. Folks need to open their eyes.

Billll said...

It's called Ceausescu's syndrome. Nicolai was a wonderful person until his constituents got guns. It ended badly and the Illinois legislature, knowing how well they're liked is anxious the event not be repeated.

Armed Radical Asshole said...

even those fighting FOR us said they absolutely did NOT want constitutional carry??? Why the hell not? as todd kept repeating ad nauseum 'it's either a right, or it isn't..."

i hope they ALL fail to get it in place by june 10th THEN ILLinois will be ranked high on the list of FREE peoples not beholden to paying a fee for the permit, another for the training, another for the foid (garauntee that fee will go up greatly from the current $19/5yrs).

hell the state police guy was quoting almost $300 for a ccw IF there were less than 100,000 or whatever & stil $94 if there were as many as 400,000, that's right $100. you think the broke corrupt idiots in springfield are gonna compromise on a very very hi price for a ccw as bankrupt as ill is?

Anonymous said...

My only question is what type of pin was it? A firing pin?

Ashrak said...

I keep hoping its a balloon popping pin.
One that works on not only Madigans balloon but also the NRAs. It's about time people see that the NRA is AGAINST constitutional carry ( where it can no longer convince people they need to stand down their rights and have the NRA do it for them so long as they keep the donations pouring in).

It's like NRA has morphed into No Rights Allowed instead of national rifle association.


CowboyDan said...

ARA, please get your facts straight. I don't know what bill you're looking at. The current fee for a FOID Card is $10 for 10 years.

Phelps' bill, HB-0997, has a $25 fee for a permit. Thats not a lot of money for a permit, as permit fees go.

Madigan's bill,HB-1155, I believe, is a carbon copy of the current law, which he introduced for the sole purpose of amending to meet his own aims.

If you live in Illinois, call your people in Springfield EARLY tomorrow. Mike Madigan's in bed with Rahm Emanuel, et al; his daughter Lisa is the state's Attorney General.