Saturday, February 23, 2013


You stated, "This product line was originally requested and designed by the law enforcement community". Not by me. Nor would I _ever_ have countenanced such stupidity. So please tell me: SPECIFICALLY WHO IN "THE LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY" requested and designed that product line?


Anonymous said...

Eric Holder.

Anonymous said...

if you wanted to know what they looked like go here :

I think we should start training on some "special targets" of our own that wear blue helmets/ have alphabet soup letters on them... ect.... with particularly close attention to head-shots!

Bear said...

"Taken offline". not, "sales has been terminated".

Anonymous said...

Went to the LET website and what do you know?

Not one black target.

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for a new line of "Celebrity Targets" featuring some left-of-center Hollyweird primmadonnas, some oddball Politicians and let's not forget some of the Czars in DC. I think it would look nice to see Rahm's or Doomberg's smiling face complete with crosshairs at the vital spots and that Goober holding an AK-47. Sales would be brisk at certain events and would make a nice fund-raiser.

Anonymous said...

A trip to LET website reveals this wee gem:-

The Pink Mist Tech "Blood Pack" is a revolutionary new product that instantly turns ANY paper target into a reactive BLEEDING target. Easily identify a good hit with realistic splattering of blood. Perfect for Law Enforcement, Military, as well as enthusiasts who are partial to Zombie and Animal targets.

THe DHS will love that addition to the 'civilian' targets bought 'off-line' - afterall have to shoot something with those 1.6 BILLION rounds of .40 Hollow Point!


SWIFT said...

Don't waste money or time designing and shooting targets of politicians, jack-booted thugs, or various celebrities. Use an old soup can. The left-wing politicians, pushing for tyranny, will afford you a chance at the real thing soon enough. No blood packs will be necessary.