Saturday, February 16, 2013

Confirming the final step in its Kalifornication process, Colorado passes magazine ban, as MagPul announces it is leaving the state.

FOX reports: Colorado House approves high-capacity magazine ban, despite GOP objections. MagPul announces it is voting with its feet. However, the Democrat legislature threw them a bone:
"Democrats amended the bill to allow Magpul to continue to manufacture high-capacity magazines in Colorado for sale in other states, but the company remained opposed to the ban."
We'll see if MagPul has the courage of its announced convictions.
I'd like to hear from Coloradans on whet they intend to do about this intolerable act. Either comment here of email me at GeorgeMason1776AT1olDOTcom.


Dakota said...

It is quite possible that Magpul will be coming to South Dakota. We have no corp income tax, or State income tax and give large tax incentives for companies to move here. We have an excellent labor pool, good schools and low crime rates. Above all else we are friendly. I could never live in Colorado they aretoo Lib there.

Anonymous said...

It's very frustrating. The effluent from California has built up over the years corrupting our state politics and turning it blue. Some call us purple but it sure isn't red anymore. And red these days isn't what it used to be.

Most gun owners I know are doing all the right political things. Seeking to prevent or remove representatives or legislation that would infringe. More involvement. More contributions. Out of these latest intolerable acts I'm sure there will be some bigger-uglier re-election battles and some recall elections. I have been and will continue to participate in these things. But we continue to loose as the quality of government at this point isn't much different red or blue.

Beyond that there is only supposition what might happen. I'm sure there are a lot of small groups or individuals preparing for the worst. Organizing intelligence and assets. And if they are attacked I am sure they will defend themselves. I'm also sure at that point they would go on the offensive and begin eliminating the oath-breakers that infringed on their rights and are corrupting our system.

We are well down a slippery slope at this point and there will likely be a big mess at the bottom soon. Hopefully a renewed republic much truer to its origins will emerge.

Anonymous said...

CO went "Blue" during the last election. It has been Kalifornicated for years. Waiting for the wife to retire this year and I, too, will vote with my feet.
We've lived here all our lives, but it just gets worse. I don't think it can be fixed, anymore.
Pro-gun folks filled the Capitol.
The Dems don't care, they hold all the power. You can't vote them out, the Liberal voters are in control in most counties. Not all, but most. Wyoming or Bust!
Devildog in CO

Bill in rural CO said...

As a resident of CO I am very dismayed by this useless legislation that does nothing but have the potential to make criminals out of honest citizens. I thought I left CA behind when I moved here.

Tasso said...

What are we doing?

Well, we've packed the State Capitol for 5 days. We've overflowed the voicemail of every representative. We stood and gave testimony for a marathon 12 hour committee session.

I'd say the next step is usually civil disobedience, but in this case, the law is so toothless that it is almost impossible to be prosecuted. You'd probably have to document your own crime, indelibly marking your own evidence and perpetrating the violation on film. For a misdemeanor.

The only substantive thing this bill does is kill jobs. The best strategy is to hang this job killer on Representatives Salazar, Lee and McLachlan, Senator Morse and Governor Hickenlooper as an albatross, and end their careers forever.

And that's what we plan to do.

Anonymous said...

In my County here in Kentucky, a factory wanted to hire 59 new people. They could only find 9 that could pass the drug test. Factory moved elsewhere to find drug-free employees. To use a term from Archie Bunker, "The Country is going down the terlet".

Anonymous said...

Did the Dems just carve out a waiver for Magpul or ANY mag manufacturer?

If so, sounds like most Coloradans should pool some money and buy 3D printers and get the free mag CAD files from and make their own.

That oughta chap the mandarin class's ass.

Tim in Parker, CO said...

Pretty much what Tasso said. I have informed a few of the traitors who voted for this bill that seeing they serve another term in office has become my pet project. And I am dead serious.

Anonymous said...

This is why I say we need a GOA state affiliate in every state with associate groups at the county level.

The A-holes that voted for this ban MUST be voted out of office!

Label them as un-American and Anti-jobbers

The only way to do that is to create a grass roots organization capable of getting pro-gun, pro-constitutional people on the ballot.

Every gun owner and pro-liberty person in the state needs to get active if you’re going to have a chance of repealing this bill.

If you’re going to wait for the NRA to do what needs to be done, you might as well wait for hell to freeze over.

David Forward said...

Like Anon (0754), Devildog and Tasso have described, as a Colorado resident it's very frustrating watching a once free and proud Colorado swirl down the toilet of progressivism/communism.

I've watched CO turn hard left over the last 5+ years due to a couple of primary reasons.

First are the transplants from the east and west coast whom, for the most part fled high taxes and controlling regulations in their home states. Yet most, as my neighbors serve as a prime example being from Commifornia, have clung to their progressive "values" developed by public "education" indoctrination. They still expected government to provide, provide and provide. And then they bitch and moan at steeply rising taxes and regulations -- they fail to see the correlation between demanding more from government and giving the politicians the power to enact such provisions and their failed state they came from.

And secondly -- most importantly -- the left have dropped to a secondary position personal pet crusades, e.g., abortion, gay "rights," "gun control," union power, etc., and concentrated on getting control as a party (Democrats) so that their overall agenda could be of foremost concern which opened the door for the pet preferences to be addressed in a unified fashion. This meant that, for example, pro life Dems backed candidates who were pro choice, pro gun Dems (yes, there are many in CO) backed anti-gun candidates, etc., in order to gain and hold the political power -- then they balanced out their differences in gaining quid pro quo support for their own pet projects by, in some cases, swallowing hard and supporting another Dem's pet project in order to get support for their own.

There is an excellent book/study of how they coalesced and seized the political power in this state. It is openly being applied in many other states now as THE blueprint on how to turn a state blue. EVERYONE who has an interest in politics and how to fight the left should carefully study this book and understand the very successful game plan they have developed.

The book is The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care) []. Not reading and understanding this book is foolish to say the least.

And that coalescing, the temporary subjugation of individual hot topics is something that the political right and libertarians stubbornly refuse to do. If for example, a strong pro life Republican advocate generally won't vote for a pro choice candidate if they defeated the pro life candidate in the primary; an anti illegal alien advocate won't vote for a a moderate candidate showing a willingness to consider a path to citizenship, etc. You get the point, people will stubbornly stick to and for for candidates who mirror their own views. In doing so they split their vote and let the coalesced commies waltz to victory and subsequently, control the political narrative in the state guaranteeing that their individual hot buttons will truly be ignored or acted on in the opposite of their views.

Until the many political views on the right agree to coalesce in order to gain and hold power the diverse and (false) pride in voting strictly "principle" in place of power, the "principled" voters of the right will continue to play second fiddle to the progressives and only receive subjugation and a few benevolent table scraps.

Anonymous said...

Does the "law" give any misdemeanor punishment, such as a fine, jail time or (heaven forbid!)stripping your rights to carry??
If not, then clog the court system. Create acts of dis-civil disobedience. Wave those standard capacity 30 round magazines in the air.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Given the current trend, CO's LEOs may soon be a lot more "toothless", too. More and more manufacturers and vendors are "piling on the rabbit"; either restricting government sales to items the particular political entity's citizens can purchase, or declining to do business with them at all. One wonders how the "antis"" will spin this development. >Jeff

Gunny G said...

I just sent MagPul an email to move to Alaska. One of the last few FREE states!

Anonymous said...

The Gang of Four (Tim Gill, Jared Polis, Rutt Bridges and Pat Stryker)moved to Colorado in the last decade determined to spend their inherited wealth to turn the state blue. They, plus the California and Northeastern leftards who moved here did it, ably abetted by the RINO party. The state house now 37 D to 28 R and the senate is 20 D to 15 R plus the Dem Gov. Hickenlooper who does what the national party tells him. These bills will pass because we can't stop them.

Joe Biden, here skiing (may a tree jump in front of him), phoned 4 statehouse members to urge support. We are up against such "thinking" as this: Rep. Lois Court, Denver Demonrat, says "limiting the number of bullets will save lives. It's intuitive - more bullets, more weapons, more killing. Less bullets, less weapons, less killing." You can't talk to such people. They are immune to statistics that the opposite is true. She simply refuses to believe it.

Rep. Claire Levy of Boulder says guns and students are a bad mix. She's impervious to the fact that 18 and 19 year old infantry men carry and use actual assault rifles in combat and they are the same age as college students.

We phone, we write, we demonstrate, we appeal. It is very frustrating. Yes, we're well down the slippery slope here. Nobody's giving up any weapons or magazines regardless. The new laws, presuming they pass, will do nothing to stop gang crime or the mentally ill. They are not intended to. Their failure to stop such people will be cause for another round of gun control, as we all know well.

And so we gear up for the next election which will be ugly. I hate watching this corruption and infringement of our rights. And yes, Magpull will move to Wyoming or South Dakota taking 700 jobs with them. I hate what Colorado has become.

Anonymous said...

Colorado democrappers have just become magpushers!

magpusher - illicit supplier of MagPul magazines to other States ...

Keep Colorado 'safe' but keep the jobs and taxes in Colorado.



Anonymous said...

"Republicans argued that the amendment, which would enable the continued use of magazines of more than 15 clips elsewhere, illustrated hypocrisy."

What the fuck is this person talking about?

Eleutherius said...

I am a Coloradan.

I saw this coming on what I believed to be only the federal level back in 2006, so I gunned, magazined, and ammoed up. Since then, Colorado has become a blue state, and it accordingly doesn't surprise me that the new blue establishment, which resides mainly in the Denver-Boulder corridor, has passed such a law.

Well, fuck 'em. They outnumber us only marginally. Those of us who live north, west, east, and south of the Denver-Boulder corridor, and many of us who live in that corridor, will continue to do what we have always done: own and continue to purchase whatever kind of magazines we want, transfer our arms without government permission, and carry concealed on state college campuses. The liberal-left morons are passing laws here that they can't even begin to enforce. We will redouble our defiance.

Meanwhile, they simply further the radicalization of the right here in the Centennial State. One day, it will all come around and bite them in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Think it's too late to break windows?

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's too late to break some glass?

Anonymous said...

Sitting here in Arvada watching the lunacy unfold. I engaged the state senator and representative. I donated money to the rmgo. I contacted Magpul and thanked them for their stance. Seems like we have won the debate over and over and yet these authoritarians still want to violate the law by infringing on our civil rights. I guess civil disobedience is really the best way. Resist, bad mouth, and generally bring the system to its knees with noncompliance. However, make sure you have alternative support systems in place. Make good relations with your neighbors, buy local, boycott globalist corporations. I might have to move. I am sick of this. Wyoming is looking better all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dayum! Why is everyone continually talking about Wyoming? Come & give Utah a look-see.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

More of that Obama " Job creation " , Fuck em get the hell out of there . Leave them with six hundred more mouth's to suckle the government tit.

aly said...

I'll let my husband comment as an expert. I am not. But in response to Dakota,Colorado is definitely becoming overrun by Libs. For me it is disheartening.For my husband it is maddening.At least though,we live in a small town and still outnumber THEM.

Knuck said...

Living in Colorado is fine. The population of the major cities like evrey other major metropolitan area of the USA is controled by the libtard fuckwads. They will soon be sucking large quantities of canal water up thier anal canals like the rest of the morons who think that they are in charge. They are in charge of nothing that really matters like food,fresh water,energy supplies and the warm cozy feeling that you get when surronded by tribe. Read some recent accounts of the cruise ship fiasco and the rapid rate of decay in the so-called polite ,civil society that we live in. This ship-bourne fiasco is but a micro peek at the fragile nature of our just-in-time supply line.Being in the trucking business,puts evreything in a very clear perspective. We are on the edge of the abyss. the Helegian Dialectic is in full power mode. Prepare accordingly and repeat daily the mantra of Billy Beck,"All politics now is just rehearsal for civil war!"HARDEN THE FUCK UP! Knuck

Loren said...

B Woodman, it's because Utah has Salt Lake City, which is almost as bad as Denver.

That and while it's republican, they're almost all RINOs.

Paul X said...

You guys are all acting as if there is a difference between R's and D's. Most of you probably have your kids in the government indoctrination centers called "public schools". And you wonder why bills like this pass?

You'll teach 'em by voting 'em out? Riiight...

The remedy is to get a black market in magazines and other "illegal" gun parts going. Shoot any bastard who presumes to interfere with it. Stop being a whipping boy for the sadists in the legislature. Stop bending over for more abuse.

Anonymous said...

CO can burn. Dropped a note to our LtGov who's been inviting in small companies to our state, leaving for oppressive taxes/biz environment, or other oppression. She's been pretty good at it. Maybe Magpul & their major sub would like to move to the Badger state. Lauer remains happily up the road from me and we have our own (non-BigBoy) ammo production plant of reman stuff - with actual product to sell - in-house.

CO getting what they asked for.

Anonymous said...

People who think this is all going to be resolved by voting are only fooling themselves.

The R's are no different than the D's. Time to nut up or shut up....this cold war is getting ready to go hot.

I hope you're all ready.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 16, 2013 at 12:10 PM said...

"This is why I say we need a GOA state affiliate in every state with associate groups at the county level."

Agreed. True, NRA is hopeless at the state level. But let us recall that GOA used to have a state and local affairs division and was doing great -- I mean fantastic work -- back in the 1990s. Then they stopped it. Rumors abounded as to why but an excellent effort was cut short.

I'd love to see GOA re-start it. Heck, GOA was the national org that grew out of GO of California, so why not one in every state?

Anonymous said...

I got my BS in Mechanical Engineering in '78 from the Univ of KY. Spent 12 years in Industry till I burned out and went out on my own. I have in front of me a copy of the "1992 Kentucky Directory of Manufacturers" and it is amazing how many of FORMER manufacturers and their jobs are GONE. I have never seen a manufacturing plant where the equipment could NOT be unbolted and hauled OUT the door to be sent elsewhere. In a normal manufacturing plant there are may high paid and highly skilled people and to re-locate elsewhere is not easy, but it can-and-will be done when the local political climate makes it impossible to do business. A newly relocated manufacturing plant becomes a Godsend to the new location with new JOBS and PAYROLL which for the past several years has been plants "Going To China". Time to reverse that trend and keep the jobs here in the USA and if the Peoples Republick of Kolorado does not want those jobs and the incomes that those jobs produce than they can just sit around the Kampfire and sing Kumbaya as they all hold hands. May GOD Save This Formerly Great Nation.

Boat Guy said...

Second, third, whatever Tasso and others are sayin'. I am NOT leaving. The fight's here and the fight's on...