Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sold out by a Dead Elephant Party governor who ought to know better. Bob Wright reacts to the New Mexico version of an Intolerable Act.

Bob Wright at Fort Hunt Park, 19 April 2010.
Here's the bad news for New Mexicans: "New Mexico House votes to close gun show loophole."
New Mexico's House of Representatives approved tighter background checks on firearms buyers at gun shows, joining other states in considering more restrictions on weapons following the Connecticut school massacre.
Representatives voted 43-26 on Wednesday to advance the measure, which was expected to be approved by the Democratic-controlled state Senate and Republican Governor Susana Martinez, a gun rights advocate who has said she would sign the bill if it reaches her desk.
Not surprisingly, this does not make my old friend Bob Wright of the 1st Brigade, New Mexico Militia, very happy:
An Open Letter to Senator Carroll Levell, and all Senators in the New Mexico Legislature
Soon you will be asked to vote on HB 77 or its equivalent in the Senate.
I ask that you vote 'NO' on this odious attempt to infringe upon the God Given Rights of free New Mexicans.
As you know, Senator, the only mechanism the Federal Government could use to regulate firearms in America was a highly controversial and very cynical reading of the Interstate Commerce Clause. The reason there is no federal requirement for the individual to do background checks is because once purchased from the Federally Licenced Firearms dealer, the weapon is no longer in Interstate commerce. It is now the Private Property of the purchaser.
HB 77, would undue that protection and require the citizens of this state to pay a financial fee to a Federally Licenced Dealer. That fee would process a request to a Federal Bureaucrat in order to sell their own property.
There are no reliable studies that suggest criminals get their guns through private sales and, therefore, there is NO compelling reason to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment protections or the private property rights of the Citizens of this great state.
In addition, this misguided and deceptive law would, defacto, create a gun owners database with its requirement to maintain records.
Finally Senator, the right to keep and bear arms uninfringed is enshrined in our Bill of Rights and CANNOT legitimately be encroached upon. This is by any definition an encroachment.
Passage of this bill will disregard the intent of both the Federal and State Constitutions, dishonor the blood sacrifices of our forebears who fought to defend these very rights, and it will betray the peaceful and law-abiding citizens of this great State and bring shame upon the Senate in which you serve. I know you share a love of our beloved Constitution and trust that it is that which will guide your vote in this matter. Thank you for your time senator.
Bob Wright
Looks like Bob may have to organize a Fed-free AND a state police-free gun show. Now that's something I'd go back out to Fort Stinking Desert to help with.


Legal Alien said...

I received pretty interesting information from a co-worker with relatives in rural up-state NY.

Gun owners have set up call trees and they have made it clear that at the first sign of JBT at anybody's door, the calls WILL go out and all neighbors will come armed to the assistance of the home owners being threatened with gun confiscation by said JBT's.

That is what neighbors are for. Obviously not going to happen in NY city or Long Island.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet, I'm sure that letter will stop them!

When this line in the sand is drawn, we will back up another inch. We should rightfully begin the killing. We won't.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're still kickin' and active, Bob. If you recall I stopped to visit you at a restaurant in Hobbs in September of 2001. Your letter to your state senators is impressive. I hope it has the desired effect. Perhaps now would be a good time to write a letter urging your governor to veto the bill for the same good reasons, if the Senate should pass it. Alabama's Legislature is now making its 2nd Amendment protections stronger for us. But then, you have to watch out for chiggers here.
- Old Greybeard

CowboyDan said...

Legal Alien, rather than phone trees (so 20th century), go a bit higher tech and use groups o send fax or text messages.

It's quick, it's easy, and ought to be effective. Please God, it won't be needed, but if it is, it is.

Anonymous said...

"When this line in the sand is drawn, we will back up another inch. We should rightfully begin the killing. We won't.


"...all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." -- Jefferson's language in The Declaration of Independence.

All of the "insufferable evils" will be suffered until we experience the one that won't be. That will be the SHTF moment that will be obvious to everyone concerned using 20/20 hindsight. But if history is any guide, it will likely be a complete surprise to most if not all of the participants. When will it happen?

I have no freaking idea. My crystal ball is still in the shop.

MG William A. Flatt said...

Anon @ 2:29: Why not? Because you don't fully grasp the principles posted at this and other III% blogs: No more Waco's and NO MORE FORT SUMPTERS. In case you were "dis-edumacated in a gubbint skool", No Fort Sumpters means we will not fire the first shot so as to give the statists a propaganda victory and CASUS BELLI to initiate martial law and the suspension of all liberties. LET THE DAMN BASTARDS MAKE THE FIRST F#CKUP. THEN WE WILL HAVE THE MORAL *AND* LEGAL HIGH GROUND!!! And as we all know, in war, high ground RULES...

Anonymous said...

Looks like it is name taking time.

Butt kicking comes a bit later.

... so many applicants for the lamp post ornament position!

Anonymous said...

This guy Bob Wright isn't long for this world.