Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recommended Reading

The other day I received from Matt a box of clothing and reading material that he sent from Afghanistan as his date of return to the World nears. Among the books was Collision Course by David Crawford. As you know, I always have need of diversionary reading for my chronic insomnia, so I picked this one up one night and found I couldn't put it down until I finally fell asleep. The next night I finished it, and I must say that as end-of-the-world novels go, I was interested in the character development and twists of plot that Crawford constructed from what could have been a garden-variety tale (as so many TEOTWAWKI novels often are).
I will not spoil the story for you, but it revolves around two characters, one initially wholly unsympathetic and the other the nominal protagonist. You may surmise correctly from the title that these two characters are destined to meet, and yet by the time they do, nothing is as it had seemed in the beginning.
A good read.


Backwoods Engineer said...

After reading Lights Out and loving almost every page, I thought this story was going to be great.

The character "Gabe", who started out as a drunk, in despair over his dead family, coming out of his funk due to a neighbor woman (who becomes a love interest), and evolving into a leader of men and community, was a story line worth cheering for.

I knew "DJ" was trouble from the very beginning. He is just like some "tough guy" preppers I know.

But the ending was very, very SUCKY. Gabe deserves to live. DJ should face justice for his crimes, in this life of the next. But Gabe was being redeemed, and was redeeming. Why did Crawford kill him off? He didn't kill off Mark Turner or Gunny in "Lights Out". Anyway, pretty good book, SUCKY ending.

Paul X said...

Thanks for the tip Mike; I'm always open for a good TEO-wacky read. I downloaded it to my Kindle. BTW if you haven't read it yet, get this book from my friend, Mark Spungin. It's very entertaining; Mark has an unusual sense of humor.