Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dorner is dead. Why is it that these things always end in conflagrations with no neutral witnesses?

Dorner’s Remains Apparently Recovered From Burned Out Cabin Following Deadly Standoff
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Ironwill III said...

LAPD just went on the TV to say no body has been recovered. No one has entered the burn site yet as it's still burning. There's still a chance he's escaped.


Pat H. said...

In this video, if it remains up, you can hear the cops discussing setting the house on fire.

\"go with the plan, with the burners\"

LL said...

Oh, he's dead.

Anonymous said...

First off, the dude was nuts. I don't think he had reason to do what he did. But I will not judge him, not my job.

Now, as to the question at hand, we seem to have publicly accepted this kind of resolution. Of course, they HAD to gas him. There is no reason to even try to take him alive. We would not want him to have a trial, that would be ridiculous.

Every man, woman and child in this country has the right to due process. Except for the ones deemed too dangerous. I have to laugh, Dude literally paralyzed the whole freakin state for almost a week.

That is funny.

In his defense, he warned 'em, and he followed through. Our side has issued some warnings, also. Might be worth a listen. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Neutral witnesses? You want neutral witnesses? Be reasonable. That would make the coverup of the murder SO much more difficult.

Elliott said...

I don't know if the FBI HRT was there on scene, but obviously the LAPD had a copy of their manual.

Anonymous said...

As of 9:15 PM MST, MSM retracting claims of body found/identified.

If you'd like to hear the PoPo arsonists at work, complete with making sure that the fire burns all the way to the basement, while they hold back the Fire Department, listen here: https://ia601608.us.archive.org/34/items/DornerStandoff2/DornerStandoff%202.mp3

...That is, before the PTB scrubs it down the memory hole.

drjim said...

The cabin was deliberately burned down. The Daily Breeze has audio from a scanner website where the command was given.
So much for "Due Process", I guess.

Bruce Lewis said...

Since the SLA shootout in '74, mysterious house fires have been what happens when the police realize they're losing. They shoot the "compound" full of CS gas, which gives them deniability ("we were attempting to force them outside so we could capture them") while at the same time pumping the enclosed spaces of the house full of flammable vapor. All this done well, one "spark from ricochet" is all it takes to turn "perps" into crispy critters. Coroner verdict: suicide by fire. Message to public: if the police can't beat you with firepower, they'll just burn you to death.

Happy D said...

"Why is it that these things always end in conflagrations with no neutral witnesses?"

Same reason flame throwers were used to clear out pill boxes in world war two. Fire and/or gas are the most effective way to force out an entrenched opponent.
Except this pill box was made out of flammable materials. One bullet through an electrical system one heat generating teargas round on the wrong kind of surface and you have a fire.
(For those of you not familiar with tear gas rounds most generate heat in order to stop people from picking them up and throwing them back.)
This is not Phil Cordon's fortified home after all.

Lets be honest most neutral witnesses would want to get away from the house where the murderer is firing from as they do not want to be added to the tally.

Though all in all this has been informative. With so many lessons to learn from.

Anonymous said...

The ineptitude and poor shooting skills followed by the on site cremation of the subject make me think Cali law enforcement officers would make a good recruiting pool for the ATF.
Gary Griffin

WarriorClass III said...

You didn't think they'd leave any witnesses did you?

So much for this guy's survival skills, hiding in a cabin with hostages. Sounds more like a common criminal - if the story is accurate, and we have no reason to belive it is.

Crustyrusty said...

I can't watch anything on the news anymore without thinking false flag. And the hue and cry for gun control will become more strident.

Paul X said...

At least LAPD is saved the embarrassment of a jury trial. We wouldn't want our brave defenders to have to go through that.

Longbow said...

Why do these things always end in conflagrations...? Because it is DOCTRINE. That is why.

Mere mortals can't go around having their way with the Gang.

Anonymous said...

Raise your hand if your expecting him to put out something on social media real soon.

Toastrider said...

Last I saw, they had a charred corpse and a wallet with Dorner's name on it next to it.

You know, real life isn't a movie or a TV series, but this is almost suspicious enough to make you wonder if the bastard really is dead. Hope they can ID for certain.

(Yes, I know, the LAPD deserves more lead donations. But Dorner was off his rails. Call it a case of making the monster that came back to haunt them)

Anonymous said...

I agree Dorner was a criminal, but so were the sheriff’s deputies that burnt down the house.
And at this point I will not comment on his ( Dorner’s ) tactics or strategy due to lack of knowledge.
But, what I find interesting is that a navy reserve officer put the establishment goons into such a state of panic.
I would hate to see them trying to deal with 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 trained ex-grunts that refuse to be disarmed, and will not sit in one spot to be burnt to death.
Semper Fi
Molon labe

jon said...

"Last I saw, they had a charred corpse and a wallet with Dorner's name on it next to it."

they found a wallet nearby, and believe it is his because his ID was in the wallet -- presumably along with other stuff that was his, thus sealing the deal.

makes you wonder why a man would draw his wallet in a firefight, doesn't it?

mine wouldn't have been nearby me, it would have been on me.