Monday, February 25, 2013

Illinois another step toward legal armed self-defense; Politburo strikes back

This leaves Illinois' forcible citizen disarmament fanatics with two choices. They could appeal the case to the United States Supreme Court (with no guarantee that SCOTUS would take the case, and with the risk that they would lose there, as well, possibly jeopardizing strict firearms carry laws in other states). Or they could try to pass a brutally restrictive carry law, which would be basically a de facto ban, despite theoretically permitting defensive firearm carry.


Anonymous said...

In typical Shitcago socialist fashion, the introduced bill is a "shell bill". This means anyone with a wild hair can hang their modifications to it. So yes, it will be a travesty.

Ashrak said...

The sheer idiocy is astounding. It seems Democrats think that a right not being unlimited means unlimited infringements pass muster.

Million dollar insurance required to exercise a right.
20 hours of range time.
Waive HIPPA protections.
Forced psychiatric exam qualifying applicants.
Just about everywhere carrying is disallowed
A pathetic display of "governance" it is.

I said that liberty minded republicans (I know I know) should make democrats own it all. Let them pass it all. Every word. Use all floor debate time to simply read the second amendment and the fourteenth amendment over and over and over and over. Let democrats display for the whole country just how openly they ignore RIGHTS.

Serves the NRA, ISRA and Illinois carry right for bending over backwards trying to deal aspects if our rights away instead if actually standing up and fighting for RIGHTS.

We should be DARING the Chicago machine to pass their draconian garbage. Call the bluff!! Stop thus fear mongering of what municipalities "might" do and make them DO IT. Then, meet them in court if they do pass the garbage.

Anonymous said...

Personally, having been born and raised in IL, and moving across the Mississippi as soon as I was able, it wouldn't surprise me to see the legislators screw this up so bad that the good citizens are awarded, by default, Constitutional Carry as a result of lawmakers ineptitude.

If that happens, then bye-bye gang bangers, and good riddance to ya. We the People will finally be able to shoot back.