Thursday, February 21, 2013

Firestorm erupts over story about Gottlieb and background checks

Written by Gottlieb friend and associate Dave Workman. Caveat lector.

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Paul X said...

I'm kinda on the fence on this one. I think the future for us is ignoring gun laws, not making deals (even advantageous ones) in the legislature. But I'm reluctant to completely abandon that path.

Just look at how Oregon got concealed carry:

"Before she was mayor of Portland, Vera Katz was speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives. She can take credit for passing the law that first required background checks for guns in Oregon. She is also responsible for the explosion in concealed-weapons permits.

In 1989, Katz, a Democrat, helped pass a law requiring background checks for gun-store purchases. But in a deal with the National Rifle Association, she also made Oregon a “shall-issue state” for concealed-handgun licenses. That means the state must issue a permit if a person qualifies.

Before that law, there were fewer than 20 concealed-weapons permits in Multnomah County. Now there are more than 19,000. So began Oregon’s modern path to being a mediocre state for gun control."

Of course, what the gun banners got was background checks at gun shops. But that became moot very shortly thereafter when the federal government started doing the exact same thing. So on net, Oregon got CC for nothing. And it's a good CC law too; people can and do carry in the state house and in schools.

I don't think we ought to rake Gottlieb over the coals for this. But the fuss no doubt does make a point, for him to contemplate...