Sunday, February 17, 2013

Talk is cheap, Jim. Where's the ATF oversight hearings the whistleblowers were promised?

Bungled ATF Milwaukee Sting Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

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Anonymous said...

quote:"We need to get answers on the botched Milwaukee operation with the goal of preventing other debacles in the future."unquote

unh huh. Right. Like..

In my universe, this is received by raucous side splitting laughter from coast to coast.

These congress critters are imbecilic schmucks.
The DOJ/ATF/Obomination will simply elevate their middle finger. Ain't nothing gonna happen. You know it. I know it. And so does the DOJ/ATF.

And speaking of Parallel Universe's, as they ramp up secret laws, domestic drones, NDAA detainments, TSA checkpoints, kill lists, secret dossier's on every single citizen, and NSA cybersurveillance, amongst all the other Orwellian developments, add this to the list and it becomes blindingly obvious, at some point, the USA no longer exists as we knew it.

Biometric surveillance will allow monitoring EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE. Millions of video cams,Smartphones, smart TV's, smart appliances, smart cars, and even smart clothing will be the order of the day..and the Amerika I see now will SUCK IT ALL UP. Welcome to the USSR on steroids. Soon to come..military on every corner, armed home searches and weapon seizure, permanent detainments via NDAA, and domestic murder via drones via secret law. You betcha. Clear as day. And now Congress is debating extending TERM LIMITS. Obomination is a massive understatement.