Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Latest from the Dead Elephant Party

Please, Barack, give us an appointment time so we can sell out our constituents and kiss your ass.


Col Bat Guano said...

The best comment at Politico: the GOP acting like women feigning integrity, "Not without dinner and a movie first there Mister President." Let's send these "bipartisan" senators a case of Vaseline.

Scott J said...

Although I don't doubt the dead elephants will sell us out for political gain in a heartbeat I take anything in Politico with an enormous grain of salt.

It is more or less a propaganda arm of the DNC.

Gunny G said...

Juan McShamnesty just said:

"U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., indicated today he would support "universal background checks" on gun sales."

Fucking traitor.

Elliott said...

Obama better work with Alexander while he has a chance. Alexander WILL be facing a primary challenge in 2014, and he will lose. Here in TN, we are pretty much of the opinion that Lamar should have a D next to his name as he doesn't even really qualify as a RINO. If I was a Republican, I'd be pissed like the rest of them are. The dead elephants give my libertarian self dirty looks when I ask them "what'd you expect?"

Anonymous said...

I realize you frown on the sometimes lunatic raving's of Alex Jones , but who could deny this line from ' Fall of the Republic '...." Both the Democrat and Republican parties are OWNED by the same global elites , and on things that MATTER to those elites , they act as one. Nuff said.