Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Colorado dusts off IL State Police rape prevention tip: Messy bodily functions

It is nothing less than misogynist evil to try to deceive women into believing that would-be rapists can be deterred by their chosen victim vomiting, nearly as effectively as by the fear of themselves bleeding.
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Anonymous said...

Like - a rapist won't become violent if vomited, pissed and shat on ...

Bet that advice was formulated by 'men' who sit down to pee!


Paul X said...

Hmmm, this ought to go over well with the feminine crowd.

David Forward said...

The poor misunderstand progressives at CU have removed the tips suggesting how women can avoid rape.

The university is claiming that the list has been “taken out of context,” -- that's university intellectual speak for, "we're embarrassed that we tried it, but would rather have women raped than have guns on campus."

Their announcement:
“The recent circulation of this web page containing information about rape prevention at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs was taken out of context on popular social media sites,” the website states.

“The 10 tips were considered last resort options when all other defense methods have been exhausted,” the site added. “The ten tips have been removed. We apologize for the miscommunication and any confusion that this page may have caused.”

Anonymous said...

Yep. Heard it on Fox 31 News this morning.
Oh, just wait. Now that the Dems control the House and Senate with a super lib Governor Hickenlooper, they're just getting started.
Devildog in CO

Braden Lynch said...

Remember Ladies, the Democrats are the ones proposing all of these useless laws that will take away your ability to defend yourselves.

Got an angry ex? Restraining order won't keep you safe.

Got a stalker or creepy guy/rapist sizing you up? Well, these antics will not do the trick.

So, if you vote for the Democrats, don't complain to me if you are a soft target.

Howie Honky said...

Well, I took Uncle Joe's advice and bought my girl a double barreled shotgun. It wouldn't fit under her coat at first, so I cut the barrels down to 8 inches and bobbed the stock down to a pistol grip, like the one in the Book of Eli. But to be sure we are on the right side of the law, I also epoxied a rape whistle on the top and suspended a vomit bag under the forestock. That way, if she has to divide a predator into as many segments as Caesar described Gaul, she can tell the cops that she tried the rape whistle and the puke maneuver but the guy kept approaching.
Personally - I think the guys giving that crappy advice should be publicly puked on, stripped and buggered for YouTube. Then they could tell women how well their advice works first hand,.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of us ought to be asking the twits endorsing this sort of nonsense when gender became a determinant of one's "inalienable right" of self defense !