Monday, February 25, 2013

Praxis: DIY Weapons of the Syrian Resistance.

Interesting, to say the least.
Most interesting to me were the photos of the improvised mortar shell factory:
A man works on an improvised mortar shell for the Free Syrian Army inside a factory which previously manufactured steel and iron in Aleppo, on February 18, 2013. (Reuters/Hamid Khatib)
Obviously there is no functioning equivalent of the Syrian Occupational Health Safety Administration in Aleppo.
A Free Syrian Army member smokes a cigarette inside a factory producing improvised mortar shells, in Aleppo. (Reuters/Hamid Khatib)
Final inspection by sliding into the tube (presumably the firing pin has been removed):
And the Feds think that they can accomplish gun control HERE?


AJ said...

Coming soon to a city near you.

bondmen said...

I guess this is 3D printing Syrian style!

Allen said...

we're using a small traction tebuchet to throw projectiles at least 800 yards. it's 100% improvised. we use a bicycle fork as the upright, and a trimmed sapling as the throwing arm.

we even use a home-made version of the "pinetree mount" the finns used to turn their lahtis into AA guns.

it all either comes apart or, like the tree we mount it on or the throwing arm, is found on-site. throw it in the back of your truck and it would look like just some scrap metal, and if you lose a part you could buy it at a yard sale without anyone knowing what it was for.

Mark Philip Alger said...

Um... If you're in a factory mass-producing something can it really be considered to be "improvised"?


Loren said...

Buy a box of bungee cords from Walmart. Figure out how to throw stuff with them. Share with friends, learn molotov recipes.

Anonymous said...

Boy did I ever get into the wrong career. Should'a been a machinist.

B Woodman

Matt said...

Kinda neat. I could do much of that on a smaller scale at home right now.

Anonymous said...

Pray to Allah the bungee don't break.

AJ said...

The guy smoking a cigarette next to the lathe looks a little like Roger Daltry.