Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An email from a reader regarding William Diamond's Drum by Arthur Bernon Tourtellot

Mr. Vanderboegh,
Here is a link to the digitized edition of Tourtellot’s book. The upper left hand box allows for downloading the entire book in a couple of different formats. .pdf, EPUB, Kindle etc.
I am currently through reading about ¾’s of the book and wish to thank you for piquing my curiosity into searching for the book. My parochial school should have had me read this during my eighth grade history lesson and as well once getting into public school 9-12, I should have been required to read it during my senior year studies, and last but not least my college should have made it mandatory reading in freshman humanities studies.
It is my belief that like myself, many other of your Blog faithful have no real connection to the book by your reference in posting titles, even though you recently posted a short excerpt of it. For the sake of enlightening as many citizens as possible about the facts surrounding April 19, 1775 and the ensuing actions resulting from that date, perhaps you would post the link on your Blog so that more people can also download and read the book?
- Michael
Agreed, Michael. Everyone ought to read it and it is available at many public libraries.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Took less than a second to download the pdf file.

Anonymous said...

While the freebie electronic copies are great to have, sometimes you want an ink-on-paper copy.

I just checked www.bookfinder.com, which searches the holdings of a great many used bookstores. Hardcover copies of William Diamond's Drum start at $4.

I've bought a couple hundred books from bookfinder stores, with less than a dozen that weren't as described. Do read the descriptions carefully, however.

OldDog said...

Thanks Michael and Mike! Got the Kindle version

Anonymous said...

It can be ordered used on Amazon. There are some on there for 1 cent, plus shipping.



idahobob said...

Got it on Kindle.

Thank You!


BobF said...

Printing now -- nice to have aspiral binding machine, too.

Thanks for the link!