Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kurt Hofmann: NIJ memo shows new gun laws can only 'work' with registration, confiscation

Mandatory "buybacks" are not "purchases," any more than a rape victim is a "prostitute," if her rapist gives her a $20 bill when he's done. If the Obama regime wants to "buy" our guns, it had better be prepared to pay in blood.


Anonymous said...

I have some old shot out clunkers I can "sell" them. Then I can buy more ammo for my other guns.
Better yet, I can get some large diameter PVC tubing, paint it green, & sell it off as a grenade rocket missle launcher.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Determined to learn the hard way.
Anyone who would obey such an edict doesn't deserve freedom, for doing so would be an act indistinguishable from urinating on every grave at Arlington.

Paul X said...

They forgot one other condition for this gun control to "work": passive acceptance by all gun owners of all this registration and confiscation. If this does not occur, crime rates are going to increase substantially - if you classify fighting for freedom as a crime. At any rate, a lot of people are going to be killed.

I sometimes wonder why they bother to produce such reports, "justifying" their actions, since every major initiative they have ever indulged in always produces tremendous unintended consequences that swamps the original problem. I suppose it is for the "narrative" that is passed on to the Ministry of Propaganda, to be dispensed by major "news" media. As long as the lies are semi-plausible and you don't start asking questions, the pablum is fed to the slaves. I guess they think they can ignore those of us who are off the plantation. We will all soon get to find out how well that strategy works...

Anonymous said...

"an act indistinguishable from urinating on every grave at Arlington."

Lets not give them any ideas. Some of them would love to do exactly that.

Anonymous said...

Same bill for MO is now in MN, the liberal fascist regime keeps pulling strings.

Anonymous said...

I think all the Doctors need to be turned into DHS so they can be shipped off to the FEMA camps. Doctors kill a lot more than firearms do. Let's not forget the Louisville Sluggers while we're at it.

Hefferman said...

If one nut job like Dorner can tear So Cal apart, what can 1,000 Patriots standing up in each and every state do?
Dorner was a clown, and made several stupid mistakes.
Military trained people will not make the same mistakes.
In the words of Captian Parker, "If they mean to have a war. Let it begin here."

CowboyDan said...

Thankfully, the Illinois Sheriffs Association just passed a resolution against an Assault weapons" nan and in favor of mental health treatment.

They I'd that the day Governor Queen & Mayor Emanuel put their new AWB bills in he hoppers. Chicago & Cook County are trying to pass a law that will jail for six months people who Fil to report the loss, theft, or transfer of a firearm within three days.

That will be hard to prosecute, as I see it. Do you chrck the location of all your guns every day? I don't. In the unlikely event that one went missing, I don't think I'd know until I went to look for it. I don't know how they'd figure it was mine unless they ran an ETrace and called the dealers that originally sold them.

Badger said...

Folks in the auxiliary need to familiarize themselves with these studies. The NIJ is not part of the Guv, they take grant dollars, including Holder's, but always come up with the same substance in the end, as they did for the first AWB: the proposed fecal matter doesn't solve anything. But you will not see DoJ citing the actual results of what they paid for and gloating. Get past the bullet points in the media and read the substance - at least someone will because the Stasi isn't.