Saturday, February 9, 2013

Disabled Marine rifles at inauguration signal shift in administration policy

“The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round,” the post stated. “Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable.


SWIFT said...

The Secret Service are the same scum that came up with Free Speech Zones during the Bush administration. When some of their efforts backfired, they blamed the zones on local law enforcement. No honor. Then, came the scandal in Columbia. No morality. I support anything they do that gives them a black eye in the minds of the public. I'm sick and tired of dirt bags posturing as being a cut above. Sewer people.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that one or more of those Marines would have taken a shot if the opportunity arose. I think those bayonets might have been made of rubber or something that couldn't be used to "stick a Socialist".

Robin said...

If you have to worry about Marines, you are either paranoid or hated. Obama is both.

Anonymous said...

If you had to protect him would you trust ANYBODY not to try.

Anonymous said...

This has been Secret Service Policy, since forever. When George H.W. Bush stopped-over at Elmendorf AFB, AK in the early 90's, en route to Japan, the Army and AF put on a joint ceremony. Troops M16 rifles were disabled by removing the bolts.

Way back in the dark ages (1970's-1980's), Cadets M14 rifles at West Point lacked firing pins. Not sure what they march with today, but I am pretty sure they don't have a firing pin.

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

I was an Armorer Sgt. with a USMC reserve tank unit from 80-83. We had 2 brand new M-14's for parade use with color guards. The firing pin had been removed and the bolt was welded on both ends, chamber was plugged and bbl. welded to receiver. They didn't want anyone stealing it and turning it into a functional machine gun!! Nevertheless, they were locked in the safes along with the other full auto weapons in the armory. And all the bolts were placed in a safe in another office.
I imagine they'll start issuing all plastic rifles soon, the real ones are just too scary. Especially in the presence of communist traitors.

carlwk3c said...

I guess they figure they haven't purged all of the patriots from the military yet (not that they ever could, but they've been trying).

Anonymous said...

I was a re-enactor at the Bicentennial celebration of the British surrender at Yorktown. When the troops passed in review for Regan and Mitterand we had to remove the flints from our muskets! True story.

Anonymous said...

Remember Marine guards turning their backs on Clinton - guess that has not been forgotten.

When the leaders begin to distrust the guards the rot has well and truely set in!


Anonymous said...

Our "goverment" is terrifyed of US!!!! Stone cold "shit your pants" scared. They have been for a very long time. Whats different NOW is; WE know it!!What this means is; WE ARE WAKEING UP. It also says that war is MUCH closer that any wish to admit. Fear makes people do stupid things, It makes goverments do violent things. Watch your backs guys.

Anonymous said...

These Marines must have refused to 'fire' on american citizens upon request by barry and his crew!

Anonymous said...

Read"The City of Brass", by Kipling.

Truth is stranger than fiction....

CowboyDan said...

Jerry Rubin, co-founder of the Yippies, once gave a lecture at my university.

Mr. "Dont trust anybody over the age thirty," Mr. "For the revolution to succeed, you have to be willing to kill your parents" came out in a three piece suit with matching purple patent leather Pierre Cardin belt & loafers.

He 'bout broke his arm patting himself on the back, taking single handed credit for the civil rights movement, the women's movement, and the anti-war movement.

One third I remember from his chat was that they'd learned the Nixon White House kept close tabs on them, (no surprise) but Nixon, et al, were scared to death of the Yippies because "We were freer than they were."

I pied him with a Pistachio Mint Meringue pie. He was PISSED. He said I was a Fascist bastard, and that in the sixties, he would have had guys kick my ass.

He didn't bother to move my way, though. Pretty typical, he would have had somebody else get their hands dirty and not gotten himself involved.

David Codrea said...

I’d like to clear up some of the common threads appearing in comments under my article and on blogs discussing it.

My attention to this story came from an email list run by and for Marines.

The rifles are NOT being carried in bolt open position. The bolts have been removed. You can tell because the operating rods are in the forward position.

The rifles in the 2009 inaugural, as shown in the last slide show photo, did not have the bolts removed.

The issue of parade rifles carried by honor guards being disabled in a different fashion under previous administrations, such as having their firing pins removed, is not being argued here, although it should be—not that it happened, but that it does. But that’s not the thrust of this article. Here’s what is:

Unlike in 2009, in the 2013 inaugural parade, someone in authority made the decision to change that and order the Marines to march with visibly disabled guns.

Anonymous said...

The video of the 2009 parade DID show rifles with the bolt removed.
Flickr pictures of this years parade show some units with the bolts removed and some with them in place.

The statement that "...Unlike in 2009, in the 2013 inaugural parade, someone in authority made the decision to change that and order the Marines to march with visibly disabled guns..." is a bogus accusation and tantamount to "false witness"
As one other Vet said, "... Simper Fi. Also it is very likely that these are “Parade Rifles” Stripped down for weight and “Dry” with no oil. (“Parade Rifles”. The bolts, ammunition, and often times the entire trigger mechanism is removed to make the rifle lighter. Also they are also cleaner as no oil and powder residue means no stains on the dress uniform” Supporting the Second Amendment shouldn’t be pissing match.."
This years inaugural parade photos:
Marines w/bolts

Navy w/bolts

Army w/bolts

Coast Guard w/bolts

Academy Cadets no bolts

Navy, stop at 1:24 and view full screen. Bolts in.


Anonymous said...

Forgot this:

Look at this video of the inaugural parade in 2009 and stop it at the 1:07 point. I see no bolts. (open breeches)