Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We are all we have, you are all you have

From Billy Beck via Facebook. 

"You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. The enemy is far too committed and nimble for any of the government's force to turn quickly enough and face any given attack until it's upon you: right there in the same room with you. You must integrate the fact that if the enemy attacks, then *you* are at the front, and you must learn to act with every possible exploitation of the Western mind, including the indispensable device of firearms for defense against the known tactics of people who you must know may try to kill you and everyone around you, at any moment. You must know this.
You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. Dismiss all piece-meal rationales of "hate": you might as well decry "dance floor violence" after Bataclan and Pulse, but you will require principles, nonetheless, when it's a train blown-up or a shopping mall full of women and children. Do not grant the authority of "the authorities" and their insistent disintegrations of reality; their prosecutors' pious proceedings, their investigations engineered for hoarding facts and designed to craft narratives, their video pageants strutting their "communities" and taking uniformed bows. Understand that you will be at the front: not them.
You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. Understand that every step that it takes toward disarming you or any of your fellows, during these distinct times in which attacks like Bataclan and Pulse are well-known and could be fiercely met in grand old American traditions of courage and decisive action, is a step relinquished to evil: it's wrong, in defiance of manifest facts, and positively dangerous to American life.
You are at war, and your government cannot protect you.
You must understand that *you* will be at the front."


Alan W. Mullenax said...

Excellent. :-)

Merle said...

I've known that for a long time, but it seems other folks don't.

When I was a kid, my maternal grandfather used to tell me "boy, if you need help - look at your right hand".


theirritablearchitect said...

I sincerely wish Billy would post this kind of thing on his now moribund blog, since I refuse to deal with FB.

Anonymous said...

Chazak v'Amatz ! (Be strong and courageous)

The Zelman Partisans - Jews with Guns

No compromise, no surrender

Anonymous said...

Good read.

oughtsix said...

You all need to understand this, and that it applies to everything else in your life as well, not just safety in public spaces- food, water, shelter, energy- everything. Because you are at war, not just with crazed jihadis, but with the government which is bringing them here to subjugate your and wreck the place. You may not think you ae at war but they are at war with you. That leaves only two choices.

A Texan said...

It is not so much that government CAN'T help you, it is that government WON'T help you.

Rollory said...

Please ask Mr. Beck why he insists on posting his (usually thoughtful and insightful) commentary inside the walled garden of Facebook where all content is harnessed for Zuckerberg's political purposes.

I do not use Facebook and nobody else with a brain in their head should either.