Thursday, June 2, 2016

I love this so very much

A Voter’s Guide to Where the Political Parties Stand on Everything from Abortion to Guns


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I guess im a Libertarian... Who knew.. Now go mind your own business.

Anonymous said...

I wish the Libertarian stance on guns was true, but no longer. They have abandoned the Constitution in favor of pandering to big money. Gary Johnson has publicly eschewed gun owners and ownership. His running mate is also anti-Second Amendment.

In years past I proudly called myself a Libertarian. No more. They have co-opted themselves.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of Americans really are quite libertarian in their political views, they are just fooled, tricked and conned into the Democrat versus Republican paradigm. Both parties support a liberal-tarian presentation of any libertarian PART candidate in order to keep people stuck in the two party rut.

Gary Johnson? Yeah, uh huh. His positions do not reflect this graph. He's more of a green democrat.

Talking to people about "the issues" will get conflict as there are endless disagreements. But you know what the vast majority agree upon??

Mind your own fucking business and I'll mind my own fucking business. And there is the core, the fundamental, premise the founders operated under - that's the Genesis of American unity! Indeed, that's the premise we can all unite around. It is in fact the unifying premise that scares democrats and Republicans into supporting a candidate like Trump. ANYTHING to avoid admitting that democrars and Republicans are the problem, right??

Anonymous said...

your color symbology is deranged, as the late Jerry Denham
would say

the blue should be red and the red ... well
it's a different kind of red now. alas

that leaves the blue free for what?

Unknown said...

That is awesome, I shared it with my buddy who is a strong Libertarian.

GregT said...

I dropped the Libertarian party a while ago, when they started pulling their anti-gun, no borders BS. Went independent, because, face it, anyone that gets to the level of national politics is usually a douchebag. They all suck. It's just that some suck much more.

Phelps said...

Gary Johnson literally threw a gun he was given as a gift into the trash.

The actual garbage can. As soon as he got it.