Wednesday, June 22, 2016

File under "No one thinks they are an evil person"

More on the rats among us

This is just my job

One from Joe at Boomershoot
"This is just my job. So said the guy gathering signatures at the grocery store."
"One of the initiatives he was promoting was designed to get more guns out of the hands of law abiding people." "When I saw his booth and the anti-gun language, I resolved to talk to him on my way out of the store."

"His reply: “This is just a job for me. I’m a gun owner.”
"I don’t remember my reply, but it was not what I was thinking:" "Quisling." "Judenrat." "To make others defenseless because you are getting a paycheck."

I am reminded of a post from some time ago that references something quite similar..

"...I once told a hoplophobe child psychiatrist on a "gun violence" panel in Birmingham:

"Let's say you're right. Let's say I AM paranoid. Let's say I'm CRAZY." (And here I opened up my eyes wide and edged closer to him. He jumped back in fear.) "Well, I'm still armed to the teeth. That just complicates your problem, now doesn't it?"

The Old Man loved telling people that story.  Anyone that would listen; his eyes would get wide at the appropriate places and he would smile at the end for effect.  What only but a few were able to grasp is its profound wisdom.  Men, even well meaning ones that are simply trying to make their way in the world, who may even be sympathetic to your cause, who ask for to disarm need to have their lies exposed for what they are at eye ball level.

After all, evil triumphs when good men do nothing to the well intentioned ones aid it.


harp1034 said...

Just ask those folks if they are going give up there gun? If not, why not? Then let them know you are keeping yours. Then ask them what are you going to do about it?

Sean said...

If no one thinks they are an evil person, then what sort of person do any of you think it will take to destroy the evil ones, and return us to sanity? You already have your answer. Understand this. To destroy monsters, does not require the services of goody-two-shoes.

Anonymous said...

Was that guy in a NRA booth?


Anonymous said...

"Just a job", eh? So said the Nazi defendants at the Neurnberg trials. And see how well THAT defense worked out for them.
Ditto for Norwegian Quislings and the French collaborators.

Any more questions?

B Woodman

Oregon Hobo said...

Last time I saw this manner of rubbish (in support of the equally destructive War On Drugs rather than the War On Guns in this instance), I wanted to punch him.

Instead, I very politely and respectfully engaged the (dim-witted) signature collector in debate until he became frustrated, then belligerent, then began threatening me loudly in front of several people.

I proceeded quickly to the customer service counter inside the store and, with a few wide-eyed backward glances, informed them in a nervous tone that there was a person in their parking lot collecting signatures who was belligerent and who threatened me when I declined to sign one of his petitions, and that it made me feel unsafe.

The mother of a family who had witnessed the spectacle in the parking lot tossed in a bit of drive-by vocal support as she walked past the counter on her way into the store -- "That man out there is crazy!"

Stores are required by precedent of some past court decision to allow those people to conduct their signature gathering on store property under the 1st Amendment, but believe you me, the mgmt of most stores are grateful for any excuse to kick them out of their parking lots. With any luck, I hoped, his foul mood would still be fresh when the store employee(s) went out to to speak to him.

Sure enough, by the time I finished shopping and headed back to my car, my new friend was long gone, leaving behind only his last impression on a goodly number of the voting public, customers and employees alike.

Yeah, I can read Rules For Radicals too, and the advice contained therein is least as effective against tools of totalitarian twatburgers as against anyone else.

Happy trails,


Anonymous said...

I like it when I tell them

"well , so THEY want , and YOU want to take away my guns eh?

well I hope its YOU they send to take them than , as I smile and walk away"

yep they never think about WHO is going to do the dirty job


Chiu ChunLing said...

One may meet women who do not understand that the force of law is force, administered irresistibly by armed men determined to kill any who do not submit to their view of the law.

But men understand this instinctively, and while they may think their view of the law right, they are also fully conscious that it requires killing you if you won't submit. Men lie to women as a reproductive strategy, and when women have the vote, it makes biological sense for men to lie about their political beliefs. But other men shouldn't fall for the lies that pathetic men tell women to avoid seeming like bad guys.

FedUp said...

“This is just a job for me. I’m a gun owner.”

Oregon Hobo has a far more productive response to that than my first thought, which was along the lines of "@*@&sucking whore". (but my epithet is still accurately descriptive)