Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Venerable AR10

J. Putnam Evans Thinks the AR-10 Is the World’s Best Battle Rifle

In battle rifle comparisons, I am sure you have seen mention to the AR15/AK/and then random 308 rifle, usually the M1A but also FAL, SCAR, G1, G3, etc.  Even the Mosin get's a nod sometimes, though God only knows why.  For some reason the very useful AR10 seems to get passed over for it's bratty younger sibling, the AR15,  The book by J. Putnam Evans see's to correct that image problem.

"The AR-10's other key feature is its use of the direct-impingement gas system. Evans not only explains Stoner’s version of the system, but also examines earlier firearms that used direct impingement, such as the French Rossignol B1."

The point that many people forget is that the direct impingement system was a product improvement to the gas piston.  I will fully concede that the piston system will take the short barrel carbine a bit farther when running suppressed.  The gas will still get dumped in your face no matter what is cycling the bolt and the weapon will cease to function if you run it too hard.  See the Military Arms Channel's very excellent expose on the subject titled "Everything about Suppressors" for more info.

Bottom line is that the DI works.  I have seen countless people that served very short garrison tours in the military poo-poo the system as being completely unreliable.  I can see this point of view if all that you ever really had to shoot were the wrecked Basic Training rifles.  I would witness recruits sand off the phosphate finish off of bolts just to make it shiny for the Drill Sergeant.  Properly cleaning the bolt face or even inspecting magazines for serviceability was out of the equation for most people mainly due to ignorance.  This is not to mention the gallons of gun oil, (CLP), that they would soak the upper receiver in.  So of course they would jam.  I guarantee, the rifle you took to war with you, you handled a little more carefully.  Mine never let me down, but then I respect the weapons enough to keep it lubed.

If you think enough of yourself to wash your delicate parts, I am sure you can think enough to wipe your bolt down after a day at the range.  It is not hard or an imposition to clean a rifle on occasion.  If you think that AK's wont jam, you are in for a big surprise.

I will add in closing that Armalite came out with some other interesting other things too.  Prior to the AR10, the AR7, .22 rifle was the go-to breakdown .22 survivalist rifle that was designed for downed airmen to have a bit of added protection.  The fact that it could take down aircraft was an added bonus.  Prior to the advent of the break-down version of the 10-22, it was arguably, (in my very modest opinion), the best pack rifle for survival on the market.


josey wales said...

I was ar10 before ar10 was cool. Heard all the complaints, too heavy, too much recoil, can't carry as much ammo. Go checkout what a BAR weighs, swings, shoots etc.... that's what those teenage boys were swinging back in the day. Man up. "There is no replacement for displacement." Size matters,(no matter what she says)bring enough gun.

Anonymous said...

This is my baby SIG716 AR-10

Anonymous said...

I like the AR10. And gas impingement makes the gun lighter on the frontend, while allowing the barrel to freefloat. I will say in my experience with them, make sure you have a rifle length gas tube, no matter barrel length. It makes them cycle better......MTHead

Anonymous said...

Search youtube for the song "My Little Armalite". I'm sure the Dutchman would approve.