Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ingenious adaptation For the Mossberg owner who has everything else. Detachable Magazine Kit For the Mossberg 500

There is no doubt that pump-action shotguns are a viable self-defense option due to the manual, simplistic and almost fail-safe operation they employ. However, some shooters wind up shying away from the scattergun because of the difficulty in reloading it quickly—something that is even more frustrating during high-stress situations.
Adaptive Tactical, LLC, has devised a solution in the form of a detachable-box magazine kit for the Mossberg Model 500, 590 and Maverick 88 shotguns. In conjunction with Mossberg engineers, Adaptive designed a replacement magazine tube/well that offers a hook-and-rock style engagement that not only works well, it cleanly blends with Mossberg’s factory action. The Sidewinder Venom-SE 10-round box kit reviewed here contains all parts necessary for conversion along with the company’s Ex Performance stock and pistol grip, Wraptor fore-end and detachable 10-round Sidewinder Venom magazine.
Installation is very straightforward, although a bit of custom work is required. Removing the factory magazine tube was a bit of a chore, and some hand-fitting was required to install the replacement. Indexing the magazine tube perfectly required a bit of material removal via the supplied emery cloth.
The furniture provided within the kit completely changed the gun’s performance and handling. Despite the change of balance and downward-protruding 10-round magazine, range testing proved the system to be a viable option. Only one magazine ships with the kit, but additional magazines are available on the company’s website starting for around $50. Price: $300 (black), $340 (camouflage). Contact: Adaptive Tactical, LLC.; (208) 442-8000;
Ah, the old fly in the ointment. For the price of the attachment one can buy a perfectly top-of-the-line extended magazine combat shotgun. Now if you own a Mossberg 12 gauge with a standard 5-shot tube and there's some strong emotional attachment to it. Let's say that it's the one your granddaddy gave you with a long barrel that you already realized that was not suitable for troubled times and so you picked up a shorter cylinder bore used barrel at a gun show some years ago when you spotted one for cheap. Not an unusual thing, I've done it myself. But to go an extra $300 to do more than that would make little economic sense. Am I missing something here? For me, I'd put Grandpappy's Mossberg in the safe and take it out once a year to admire it.
Now, if someone gave me one I'd be happy to let my son test it. Not a likely occurrence, however. Still, you have to admire the good old American ingenuity it represents. Another powerful argument if any were needed about the complete futility of arms prohibition laws.


Joe said...

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Thumbs UP.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me the better solution is a VEPR 12.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mossberg sueing companies that add improvements to their weapons?

Anonymous said...

The Russians already solved this dilemma a while ago, its called a VEPR 12, which I'd take any day over a flimsy add on to a pump shotgun.

I can see that foolish thing snapping off the first time the gun was dropped or someone hit the ground with it taking cover.


Anonymous said...

I can just hear the gun grabbers moaning about a whole new type of "assault" weapon since it has a detachable magazine and LOOKS MEAN. Maybe they wouldn't cry if it was painted pink.

Steady Steve said...

Long ago I bought a Choate extended mag tube for my Rem 870. It is as long as the standard slug barrel. With one in the chamber it holds 11 2 3/4" shells. Cost was about $25. Mossbergs accessory is as or more expensive than the price of their shotgun. And unproven as to reliability. Take my advice and look for the Choate tube for Mossberg.

Anonymous said...

Steady Steve and I have somethings in common LOL

Anonymous said...

Mossberg's are made in Mexico. No thanks