Friday, June 10, 2016

The answer is yes, yes they certainly did.

This is my shocked face, again.  Not really though.


B-4 said...

Google = libtard bias an .gov, always has always will. Those who do not want to be tracked and want unbiased truth have been using "Duck Duck Go" as their search engine for years. Some folks can think for their self's but, the sheep, will you know.

Sean said...

My Google Chrome settings don't seem to want to let me select DuckDuckgo as a search engine. Any help?

B-4 said...

You may have to delete Chrome before being allowed by google to down load DuckDuckgo. Google seems to want to protect it's self 24/7. If it were I, I would delete chrome an everything else google via remove programs. Then use the windows browser to down load Duck, or down load it from a thumb drive, I used on another computer.

Google is fully funded via .gov for many a reason!


VonZorch said...

Sean, HTH B-4 gave half the answer. By all means delete Google Chrome. Then if you are using Windows(spit) use Internet Exploder to downloaw a real browser like Firefox or Pale Moon.
If, on the other hand, you are using a Unix like operating system your software manager will allow you to easily install at least 6 different browsers.