Sunday, June 12, 2016

From Mike: So what is it about Orlando that is so surprising?

Absolutely nothing.

We've known for decades that these people are at war with us because of who we are.  And tell me again why you aren't training for this war?  Why aren't you modifying your situational awareness?  Why you're not disobeying on a a consistent basis any firearms disarmament laws?  Why you are not seeing to you own logistics as on a war footing?



Sean said...

I am preparing, and will continue to do so. Nothing about this thing in Orlando is surprising, but what IS surprising is that the Islamo/Fascists have taken this long to attack the gays. I don't like them but I don't bother them, as long as they leave me and mine alone. But this is a consistent running theme with islam, while at the same time, there is a very lively gay community in Riyadh, of all places, in Saudi Arabia. A hypocrisy, if you will. They condemn it a lot, but at the same time, practice it. This guy Omar has really put it in the front yard now, and the usual suspects are lining up to condemn guns and gun owners immediately. It's like it's been said before, after a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from everyone who didn't do it. My suggestion is that they think that over carefully, before saying, or doing anything. Some of us are a little more resistant to bullshit than they may imagine,and in ways they won't understand.

Gene Urtel said...

In order to make any sense of the current Muslim problem, keep in mind the following:
(1) The almighty God of heaven, who is in control of all human events, has seen to it that the Muslims, somehow, will be sent to us, as he has warned us he would, in response to a nation’s spiritual unrepentance and rejection of his soul-saving gospel. God prophesied in Revelation 9:14-19 about his curse called Islam, which he specifically would raise up in New Testament times, which he would send as a punishment upon those church members who had fallen away from the true gospel faith. He has simply raised up one evil to punish another one. This is not unusual with God, but standard.
(2) Nationalistic politics, or even military force will all fail to cast out the Muslims, since God will neutralize even the best of human efforts until he no longer would be in a punishing mode.
(3) In order to cast out the Muslims successfully, a nation first will need to have God’s blessing on their efforts, for “Unless the Lord would build the house, they will labor in vain who would build it” (Psalm 127:1).
(4) That is, in order to have this divine blessing of a successful result, a nation will have to put itself on the Lord’s side again. How? By repenting of its sins, and by no longer rejecting God and his saving gospel.
(5) Until this would be done, the Almighty will maintain a level of successful Muslim warfare. That is, God will keep punishing nations by Islamic warfare until he is through.
Gentlemen, correct this matter in the biblical manner! Revolve to do it!

Anonymous said...

Obama calls for gun control action and DOESN'T link Orlando terror attack to Islam in address to nation

Anonymous said...

Clinton's answer: Ban guns

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for an assault weapons ban, presumably just like the one her husband instituted in the 1990s, in reaction to the Orlando shooting.

In a just-issued statement, she said:

Sedition said...

I'm willing to bet that the Pink Pistol ranks will grow very soon.

Anonymous said...

Look, the current admin relishes every single terrorist attack that kills people, because it allows the gun grabbers to further demonize gun owners and move forward their gun control agenda.

These attacks also further the nanny-state agenda, because they'll also claim that only government, with broader powers, can keep American "safe."


Anonymous said...

Florida law likely forbids even concealed carry permit holders from carrying a gun into a place that serves alcohol. So, this is likely another case of mass murder carried out in a gun-free zone. Gun-free zones are simply killing fields for mass murderers. I carry anywhere that I know I won't be searched or go through a metal detector. I ignore signs which forbid guns at businesses. If a shooter appears maybe I'll be able to save some lives.

- Old Greybeard

doubletrouble said...

As society crumbles, I hope that we have considered adequately for our needs. I'm a tad older than you, and due to the circumstance of where and how we live, I have kept our preparations ongoing for 20 or so years, now.
Reading news like that of today, simply brings a small sigh with the certain knowledge of ineffectual behavior on the part of our 'anointed ones'.
During the last six years I have returned to my (Roman Catholic) faith; my faith and trust belongs to something greater than this world can offer. In that light, I can only observe the conditions offered in the daily human journal, smile, and let it go.
You are in my daily prayers, Mike. May God bless and keep you.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
'Don't think I have to tell ya',,, I have my AO staked out!!.. 'Don't have to tell ya',,,I keep my trigger finger muscles well exercised!!... 'Don't have to tell ya'...,,Hell, you already 'Gators down here don't get fat just eatin' fish.....(Hehehehehehe!!)
'We be ready!! And as for Any Mouse's comment about alcohol free gun totin' zones (HIC!!!'") ...He ain't never been to a South East Louisiana HONKY TONK!!!...on a HOT Saturday night when the Country Music is Blarin', the slide Guitar player has the chicks cryin' in their mixed drinks from the sweet Country music and the daze gone by atmosphere is alive again because the A/C quit, they had to open the windows and it was 1966 again... you shoulda' been there, but I digress....needless to say....Buddy, a day doesn't pass that you are not always in my thoughts... I know I don't have to tell ya', when ya' leave our sphere, The "Torch" will be carried on..... not just by me but a lot of good men and women!!
Meanwhile, back at the of the reasons I love being a resident and citizen...... (An Armed Man is a 'CITIZEN,' an UN-Armed man IS a SUBJECT!!!!)....of Louisiana...unlike the rest of the '49 whose law is based on English Common Law...Louisiana is based on the French Napoleonic code!! We have Parishes..not Counties and Parish President's who are "Friends" of ours who we, or our children (if we are old farts!!) went to school with!! It's really "Fun" when ya' go to the Range an' these people are there with you!! Oh by the way, I don't think I have to tell you our "political consciousness" is on the same plane!!!.......................
Yer' "Man in Manchac!!!"
PS, 'Have the "Day Off" from work...'think I have to go down to 'Manchac,' drown a few shrimp, try to catch a few nice reds' and cats' and tip a few at the 'waterin hole'.. the "Gator's Den!!" If the "SUNSET" turns out good....I'll send ya' a screen shot!!.........
I'll be thinkin' of you when I do..

Anonymous said...

Visited Miami Beach in April and there was homosexual pride parade, festivities along Ocean Drive on a Sunday, surprised there was no attack then. I stayed clear and hit great Pinocchio espresso shop and South Point Pier, all the while packing heat with several mags and two blades for just such active pisslam shooters.

Oh Hitlery wants gun control? Trump just took the election.

Anonymous said...

Every comment so far, about taking action, is about individuals taking individual actions to protect....individuals. Mike and I have for a couple of decades been trying to get Three percenters to understand that uniting in purpose and action is our only hope. Individual actions by Individuals is of course praiseworthy. But actions that unite multiple individuals into united action and there by increase the combat power of the individual into a truly devastating fire team or squad is what we must come too... and soon folks. We are training again the end of the month.
Now is the time for all of us to be cementing relationships with other Patriots in our AO's. Additionally you should be directly attacking this president in every form of social media you can. His accusation that "we" are to blame for the Orlando Massacre, made while the blood still puddled and the echo of Allahu Akbar still echoed in the ears of the survivors can be a real game changer if we hammer it everywhere. Lets not forget or overlook it took the cops THREE HOURS to go in after this guy. So this, properly presented hammers home the point that , in the end, we are really responsible for our own safety after all.

As for me.. I will be training individuals to be teams and to use those teams to deliver maximum combat power at the crucial time and Place. Bob Wright New Mexico Militia

Anonymous said...

Obama: Omar Mateen Had ‘Glock Which Had A Lot of Clips in It’

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

My only surprise is how much time passed between the Christmas Party Massacre and Orlando. Some things about our move the ramch have been hard for us, especially the separations as I complete my degree. But I know I made the right decision.