Saturday, June 4, 2016

Some small arms links from Mike

Russian AS VAL
Russian Commandos Carry Suppressed Rifles That Can Shoot Through Body Armor
VSS Vintorez
(SEE ALSO Wikipedia reference: AS VAL and Wikipedia VSS Vintorez
Tiny Gun Quietly Sprays Lots of Lead. The APB is Russian commandos’ suppressed machine pistol.
US Army moves ahead with handgun replacement programme

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Anonymous said...

Pic sure looks like my old MAGLITE flashlight got put to good use. Might need to get a few more of those handy-dandy Mag Lites (just for scientific research of course). It does pay off to be able to take care of things without waking up the neighbors. If the USA economy ever gets like Venezuela and it really hits the fan, a few extra MAGLITES just might come in handy.