Saturday, June 4, 2016

Blows against the empire from Mike "Torpedo Los!"

Sorry. dear readers, but you're going to have to guess on this particular torpedo. The point is that today I'm having a good day and managed to send some blows against the empire that will strike after I am gone. Let them worry about where.
The thing is, if you want my fight to continue you're going to have to do it. Every morning you're going to have to get up and vow that before the sun goes down YOU will strike one more blow against the empire.
Remind them every day that "We are everywhere."

See you on the other side.


Elmo said...

A good day for you is a great day for us.
Thank you, Friend!

Anonymous said...

One last jab from you! It's only fitting to
be swinging away till the last breath.

"I've looked that old scoundrel death in the eye many times but this time I think he has me on the ropes." Douglas MacArthur

God speed Mike!

"Semper Paratus" (Always Ready)

daniel said...

Thank you, Mike.
You are primarily responsible for my awakening.
I am certain I'm not alone in that regard.

"It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived."
- George S. Patton

You are one such man.


CowboyDan said...

I'm glad you're still at it, Mike. As best you can, keep it up.

You're going out swinging, and I admire that. I'm a year younger than you. There's a lot I can no longer do, but a lot I can. I fully intend to follow your example.

May God bless and keep you, and give you peace.


Love ya, bro.

Anonymous said...

"See you on the other side...."
That's a constant theme in a Christian military story I'm writing, set in the battle of Guadalcanal.

It is a solid Christian theme. Yes, I'll see you on the other side. And none of the bastards that fight us will have that opportunity outside of a wholesale conversion.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
No Problem GI!! It never takes "Much" to mess up the powers that Be!! It can be done with something as simple as a "Shoe"....hence the word,"Sabotage" taken from the french word for shoe......"sabot!!" "Throw the 'SHOE' in the workings of the "Machine" and all comes to a halt!!!!!!!!!
Blue skies Buddy........

Anonymous said...


Without question, the so-called "patriot" movement is nothing but a lesson in how
to lose, lose, and lose again.
Following all those lessons in losing, "patriots" will teach American citizens one more lesson in losing for good measure, along with tutoring in how to suck it, in response to whenever criticism and anger arises from tthose tired of stupidly following a losing non-strategy.
Of course, this is when they are not busy
spending one more day sharpening their
How's that "Sumter Moment" working out for y'all?

oughtsix said...

Teacher, Philosopher and Exemplar right to the New Beginning.

Gratitude is such an inadequate word.............

God Bless you, Mike.

May I follow you in Life and meet you Hereafter.


Dutchman6 said...

Okay Mr., I'll bite.

I have three questions for you.

1. How is this site and what Mike has accomplished in any way a reflection on your pet issue or responsible for it?

2. a. Define "Patriot" movement in your own words.
b. Define "losing" as what you think the patriot movement failed to accomplish. Well, other than not having a Ft. Sumter moment, of course.

3. What have you done, lately or simply to date, in defense of liberty.

People that shoot spitballs in the wrong direction should come ready to put up or else shut up.

- Matthew

Anonymous said...

The frequent and unending waves
of communists victories speaks volumes
in regards to your "questions."
Moreover, the reality of the unchecked vandalism,
censoring, removal and destruction
of Confederate history, along with the
history of our Republic is an incontestable
example of my previous remarks.
If it were my AO, I would rather have my
teeth pulled without benefit of anesthesia, but
I would admit in my heart, publicly or privately,
that as a Amercan citizen I am a disgrace,
and as a man a failure.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, question # 3 is the tired
(dead horse beat) scapegoat
and fallback non-answer flung into the
air, in response to legitimate criticism
within our "community."

Anonymous said...

Naysayers think they "win" by joining the big government brigade. Some of them actually grow up, get raped by that big government in one way or another and finally see the error of their youth. Others have a friend or family member bent over by that big government but the outcome is the same. Still others set idle and witness total strangers ramrod dedicated and boondoggled to the point their suppressed conscience finally opens their eyes, and the outcome is the same.

And then there is the remainder, those who drank the Kool aid at a early age and become big government zombies -forever. Matt, zombies can't answer questions, neither can programmed drones. This is partly true because they are on a rung below even artificial intelligence. Indeed, artificial intelligence out climbs a lack of intelligence.

See, the Sumter moment still approaches whether intellectual lightweights believe it or not. It is only a matter of when. Why? Because it is inevitable for this undeniable reason - men will forever take up arms in the defense of Liberty when Liberty itself is threatened enough. This is basic and fundamental human nature. Undeniable and unending.

Yankee Terrier said...

See you on the other side Mike! you have motivated me to action in too many ways to list here. But NOT a day goes by that I and or mine don't do something. Lots of it because of you.

oughtsix said...

Matthew, these trolls never have answers, or at least any that make sense. They are incapable of rational debate, and that is not their purpose.

They come by, take a dump on the carpet and skedaddle- cheap, weak psyop.

This particular infant showed up at WRSA with the same "comment," verbatim. C + P is so efficient dontchaknow.

My reply to him there hopefully conveys my disdain:

"Ahhhh, now I feel all weak, deluded and lose-y."

"Troll. How’s that bitterness, weak sarcasm and lame PuffHo blathering points workin’ for y’all? What do they pay you? Enough for pizza and an X Box?"

Two can play C 'n Pee.

Anonymous said...

Thank You , Mike
You're Race is run and You have left set the bar high for all of us standing between two Eternitys.

Dutchman6 said... and everyone else for that matter,

Go have a good cry, blow your nose, then and go do something about it rather then bitching on a blog.

Don't like the way the military/LEO/local political party is going? Join and make a difference. Too old or broke? Awesome. You are well positioned to go teach and make your local area or internet community better. Go load some rounds. Go do something. Don't like the way the "patriot" movement is going? Go make a difference.

Time to go put up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. ""! Why not have the balls to tell us where you are so we can include you on our up and coming party list!

Chiu ChunLing said...

To be perfectly fair, some people aren't really going to be able to do anything helpful other than complain. And even those who are able to do something else can still give constructive criticisms.

That doesn't mean that all complaints are helpful. I still can't understand what decentneighborhood is even complaining about, or what he might mean by "Sumter moment" (illegally attacking a Constitutionally legitimate office of government, perhaps?).

I'm not in favor of telling people they should jump on a bandwagon they think is going the wrong direction. As someone who belongs to a number of organizations that other people think are going the wrong way, I have to register my annoyance at that tactic...there's a name for it I think, but I can't recall at the moment. I really think people have no business joining movements I like and trying to make them into something I don't like, and I'm not inclined to do that to anyone else, however useful a tactic some might believe it to be. I have no problem telling people to get the hell off my bandwagon if they think it's going the wrong way, though.

Maybe that's applicable in this case, maybe not.

FSHB said...

'decentneighborhood@gmail' seems to be practicing typical Alinsky infiltration. Divide, outrage, and incite.

Anonymous said...


You have inspired me to work on the local level here in the PSRK (Peoples Socialist Republic of Kommiecticut). Your blog, which I read faithfully was the inspiration for my own. After all, Blogger kept inviting me to create my own, so I finally took `em up on it.

Thoughts From Behind Enemy Lines:

I hope I do the Dutchman (and son Matt) proud.