Thursday, June 30, 2016

Patriot Knitting Circles

A pre-internet knitting circle. Not much unlike its modern day counterpart.

Two stories were making the rounds this week that have lent credence to the other. One was of UN truck movements around the American South. The other was of a US-Globalist cabal known as the Strong Cities Network.

The first: 

The usual "all is well" tripe they roll out when these things pop up.  Nothing really to see here.

Ah, but the second:
Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism

“The Strong Cities Network will serve as a vital tool to strengthen capacity-building and improve collaboration,” said Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. “As we continue to counter a range of domestic and global terror threats, this innovative platform will enable cities to learn from one another, to develop best practices and to build social cohesion and community resilience here at home and around the world.”

Blah, blah, blah, and so it goes on.  Bottom line is that it is yet another UN money pit program to siphon funds back to the bureaucrats in Geneva and Washington.

So the initiative is backed at the UN and is approved by Lynch and Kerry. That alone should tell you what you need to know about its effectiveness. But let's assume for a moment that it is all true. Blue helmeted Belgians are coming across the Atlantic with murder, rape, and conquest in their hearts.

So. Damn. What.

These are the same guys that would, could, and have screwed up a cheese sandwich.  And people are consumed with fear that they will fight on US soil when we are armed to the teeth and the local governments are functioning just fine?  This just does not make a bit of sense to me.  Look, I love survivalist dystopian fiction as much as the next guy, but this just isn't it.   

These two stories on top of each other caused a bit of panic on the airwaves as the Patriot knitting circles  huddled together to spread gossip and discuss the "what if".  Obviously, there is no "what if " and it only serves to show how masturbatory, (however cathartic), the panic is to the newbies that are flocking to the various Patriot sites, blogs and various social media outlets.  As event unfold, more and more people are coming to these sites.  Just in the past week, I have had a huge influx in people coming to the Facebook site that are not "friends of friends" but are first time viewers.  Let's not let  hysteria, conjecture and all of the imponderables of life guide our conversations and govern our thoughts.

It does not matter if we shoot ourselves in the foot or if the enemy does it. The effect is the same.  I think we are better than that and I know we know better.  


FSHB said...

The war will not be televised, it will be live.

To mangle a quote the collectivists like to bandy about when they dream of the day of insurgence. I would get mad at the dirty, smelly Marxists at the next table loudly proclaiming, "When the Revolution comes, ..." but they are so pathetic and so obviously insane that I just try to remember their faces so I can avoid them until they are eaten by the zombies they seem so eager to create.

Anonymous said...

Well, all we can do is keep our eyes open and report FACTs, what we SEE, what we KNOW. Keep the speculations and circle jerk off to the tin-foil hat brigade.
Oh, and carry constantly.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Modern day Hessians. Worth rowing across a frigid river to get to.

Anonymous said...

Amen. The UN would be handled in short order by the American populace.

Anonymous said...

"The initiative is backed at the UN and is approved by Lynch and Kerry. That alone should tell you what you need to know about it."


NorthGunner said...

While over in 'Rawles Land' a 5 yr. old special needs girl was
raped and taped by invader children from obamadulla's 'refugees'
in Twin Falls. More 'gifts that keep on giving' from the 'religion
of peace'...just goes to show that not all rapefugees are adults.

Here's the kicker, the obamadulla regime doesn't like it that people
are starting to wake up from their gov induced mental slumber on the
dangers of wholesale importation of rank savages into a civilized
environment and spokestroll Wendy J. Olson (feral atty for Idaho)
is attempting to threaten the freespeech of anyone who talks about
what happened there to that innocent little girl.

No, it wasn't 'Syrian refugee's' that raped her.
No, no weapon (that we know of currently) was used in
the commission of this violent crime.

IMHO what is beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that 4 feral invader
cubs attacked a defensless innocent girl and savaged her sexually
and for added insult, urinated all over her and into her mouth while
they also captured it on a cell phone.

THey did this because:

they're moslems...followers of the murderous false prophet pedo mo..
and as such they're the 'best of people'.

they and their parents are adherents of islam, a militarilly expansionistic
violent political system that has murdered and raped it's way across the world
for over 1,400 years (the only real defense against it was the Crusades btw).

She is kuffar (an unbeliver) - these savages however have no problem doing
this to women and girls, and for that matter, boys in their home countries.
Put 'bacha bazi, afghanistan' into your search engine of choice and be ready
to seriously loose your lunch! Any soldier who's served in afghanistan most
likely has seen evidence of this..not to mention that weapons and explosives
and enemy fighters are stored and hidden in the local mosques throughout the
middle east, if you don't think that the over 1,200 mosques here aren't used
for the same you're either asleep at the wheel or delusional! As the
afghan/islamist saying goes, "women are for children, boys (and little girls,
remember that 'mo' had Aisha, who he consumated when she was 9)and melons
are for ecstacy".

She is female. islamic position on women/girls is very well know already.

So, one has to ask, why is an obamadulla troll like Olson, trying to run
damage control for feral invader cubs? Since when has any feral attorney
shown such deference or concern for rapists?

islam's rape culture (ala Sweden)..coming to a city or town near you,
courtesy of obamadulla and his useful idiots on either side of the left/right the tune of 300,000 and more of them.

We definitely don't have enough ammo, or hemp rope!!

Yours In Liberty without any stink'n islam!!
NorthGunner III

Anonymous said...

Steve - thanks for the "bacha bazi" heads-up. It helped me create an enlightening e-mail to my recipients on the practice.

GaryM said...

I'd like to comment, but I need to go downstairs and crank out ammo. What caliber do the UN troops use anyway? I want to be able to utilize what they leave behind.

Pericles said...

Ever notice how much of this crap comes from people with no real military experience?

Half the French Army is currently patrolling the streets of France (2 of their 4 divisions). Germany has 3 divisions, the UK has 2. The rest of the NATO armies had a major challenge just to deploy a battalion to Afghanistan.

Winners concentrate on what they are going to do to the enemy. Losers worry about what the enemy is going to do to them. Act accordingly.

GamegetterII said...

Has anyone stopped to think long enough to realize that said U.N. vehicles are made in Virginia?
Or at least completed in Va,by a place called Alpine Armoring.
There's a place in Pa,I beleive it's in Bradford-where they make Zippo lighters that has a part in making U.N. vehicles.
Maybe,just maybe the U.N. vehicles were heading for a port,or a railhead for shipping overseas?
When the Jade Helm nonsense was going full tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy at 100mph someone posted pics of U.S. military vehicles on rail cars in Twinsburg,Ohio.
That rail crossing is 5-6 minutes from my house-there's military sh*t on rail cars there at least 3x per week.
There's a reserve base in Twinsburg,and a huge training facilty at the old Ravenna arsenal,now it's called Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center.
Rail line goes directly to the place-think that might,just maybe,possibly could have been why someone not from the area freaked out over seeing a bunch of camo military stuff on rail cars?
And NATO? How is NATO a threat? They have about 90,000 troops worldwide-most in various M.E./N.African sh*tholes.
Pay attention-there's military vehicles on rail cars and the interstates every freakin day. Anyone who lives in Virginia,and drives I-81 sees the U.N. vehicles
On many sites,when I pointed out the facts about these things-I got called everything from a commie,to a .gov propagandist/paid .gov troll,working for the FBI,CIA,DHS,and on and on.
It's insanity-no one thinks for themselves any more.

Allen said...

the UN?

let's see...usual UN troops are from some third world shithole like bangladesh. they'll be lost, unable to speak the language, unfamiliar with the culture, easily led into ambushes, killed, and their UN supplied toys taken as war trophies.

and these are armored cars. burn the tires off and they're ovens. then WE get to play FBI HRT "come out come out or we burn you out"

0007 said...

There was a pretty good article a while back onanother blog that went into detail on the soft points of M-Raps and such. What it came down to was that the hydraulics for the front end were pretty much hanging out in the open.