Saturday, June 25, 2016

Help Wanted for Deployed Care Packages - Inquire Within

I am in contact with a few gentlemen that would that stand ready to send care some really awesome care packages to currently deployed service members.  I know our forward deployed military foot print is significantly downsized. but we still have plenty of people out there deserving of our support.
If you or someone you know has a valid APO address please email it to me at or P.M. me on facebook and I will pass it on. 

p.s.  If I get any "no blood for oil" or "imperial illuminati Bilderberger Agent of Doom" b.s. comments they will be deleted.  Let's keep it classy folks.


RustyGunner said...

I belong to the only TRUE secret world-domination society, the Aluminum Bavariati, and we support the troops. Let's brighten some days on the front lines!

admin said...

As a side note.

One of the many things I did over in the sandbox was haul the mail and spend a ton of time in the post office.

I saw a lot of those boxes.

Please do,not send the following:

Leftover sample shampoo from hotel stays
Leftover stale hard candy. We can buy all te fresh stuff we want at the PX
Rusty cans of shaving cream from some German overstock grocery warehouse

Nice things to send.

Current DVD movies not crap from the 99cent bargain bin at wallyworld of 1960's B movies
Some gun porn magazines.
Soldier of fortune magazine
Carabiners, and assorted 782 gear accessories. That crap is expensive and gets lost often.
To those in the desert, some good n95 dust masks. 3M makes some with exhale valve. Keeps from getting sick during sand storms
Work gloves, leather ones like wells Lamont or mechanics gloves
Flashlights cuz we are always losing that crap and the PX only sells the high dollar stuff.
Duct tape like gorilla tape


Dakota said...

Packages are always a treat for a soldier. Even if the cookies are crumbs, they still make your day. Now-a-days everyone has internet and cell phones which I suppose helps a lot. Hope this thing works out.

Jerry The Geek said...

I'm a little (or a LOT!) out of date, but when I was in that situation, I asked for two things in CARE packages:

1: dry socks; lots of them, thick and warm and woolie because where I was ... everything was wet and it took ten days to dry out.

2: food. Treats are Neat (I recall the Tunnel of Fudge Cake that my aunt sent me .. it arrived just as I was going out on a mission. I opened the bock, dipped into the MESS that started out looking very decorative, and shovelled a big handful of thick gooey cake into my may. I passed the box around to everyone else in the back of the deuce-and-a-half; by the time we finished the 10 minute ride to our drop-off point, the cake was gone and we all had chocolate grins.

one other care package I received, a later date, included packaged food like (especially) Canadian Bacon. I was not due to go on patrol that night, so I shared with everyone in my hooch. I was very popular for the next week. Wish I had got another care package; I enjoyed the popularity almost as much as the rich, greasy food.

2.5 - one of the neat things about care packages was that my family discovered that popcorn was a GREAT packing material. Yes, we loved the food and the socks and the knives and all the other stuff ... but when we had a night off we could always stuff ourselves with POPCORN which we sat around exchanging war stories.

Okay, so we talked about women, but my version sounds better. The thing is, our only complaint was there was no butter; now, popcorn comes with 'butter' added. I think that "Movie Theater Popcorn With Butter" should be the standard for CARE packages.

So, I have popcorn and I can get cookies, cakes, and canadian bacon. Anybody have a contact I should send them to? And how do we get this stuff shipped? I'm only experienced with being on the Receiving end, and I'm pretty sure my experience is way out of date

Anonymous said...

Thanks SGT Mike. A timely post, and inspirational at a time when it is needed.

Sign me, Neal Jensen

Craig F. Owings said...

I sent off two such "care packages" today. Both contained my personal-recipe beef jerky, which is almost worth being deployed for. I only wish there were more APO addresses coming in, and more participants sending packages out, than I have seen so far.