Sunday, June 12, 2016

This stuff just writes itself, huh?


B-4 said...

From the first mass shooting at the McDonald's in Ca. to today's shooting there is always major gun restriction talk right before one happens.

Coincidence I think not! There are those who can/do think for their self's. False flags seem to have be running above normal from 2009 to date.


Sean said...

The headline should read: "Moslems fear no backlash from the people they rape and murder". The sub headline would be, " No reaction other than panty-wetting, and more calls for disarmament, lead them to believe they will realize their dream of world conquest". Further down, it should say, "Gays, others, run, hide, and scream like always, none fight back". In the type-set, it could start off with, "After one of mohammeds "holy" ones gave moslems everywhere a ramadan present to remember, local police EVENTUALLY took action, killing several of the hostages in doing so, and immediately absolved themselves of any blame. Police lobbied hard to make sure large gatherings are completely disarmed and protected only by their gentle offices, and as if on cue, only showed up after most of the killing had already happened, and waited outside instead of placing themselves in immediate danger of being in any way hurt". Fixed it.