Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Crumbling Empire

USAF Vet Forcibly Removed from Flag-Folding Ceremony for Mentioning God

Tell me again what happens when we have an armed forces whose moral compass is the State?

"Master Sergeant (MSgt) Charles “Chuck” Roberson is a USAF veteran who retired on April 3, 2016 at Travis Air Force Base. A month before his retirement, Roberson saw Rodriguez perform the flag-folding speech at a friend’s retirement ceremony. Moved by the speech, Roberson personally asked Rodriguez to give the same speech at his own retirement ceremony. Rodriguez readily agreed. Read a script of the speech."

"When Roberson’s unit commander discovered that Rodriguez would be delivering the flag-folding speech, which mentions “God,” during the ceremony, he attempted to prevent Rodriguez from attending. After learning that he lacked authority to prevent Rodriguez from attending, the commander then told Roberson that Rodriguez could not give the speech. Rodriguez asked Roberson what he should do, and Roberson responded that it was his personal desire that Rodriguez give the flag-folding speech as planned."

"Roberson and Rodriguez tried to clear the speech through higher authorities at Travis Air Force Base, even offering to place notices on the door informing guests that the word “God” would be mentioned. They never received a response from the authorities. As an Air Force veteran himself, Rodriguez stood firm on his commitment to Roberson."


Gene Urtel said...

I kindly would ask each of you: Do you have God's Ten Commandments as your "moral compass", and his gospel promise as your motivator? If not, then realize that you will not be doing his will no matter what. For deliverance from our current national afflictions, we all need to get on the the Lord's side.

skybill said...

Hi Mike and Matt,
All I can say is,"My God (sigh!)!!!"

'Have an "Old" bumper sticker on my truck, it says,"GOD, Guns and Guts Keep America Free."
Does anyone have a fix on "who" Robertson's CO is???? "WHAT IS HIS NAME???" That should be brought to "Light!!" Oh, that's right, rats and roaches don't like the light!!!!
Got Gunz......OUTLAW!!!!,