Saturday, June 18, 2016

Herschel Smith's take on the current state of affairs

The Goal is People Control and not Gun Control

As to be expected, Herschel does an excellent job to explain and expand on the very important analysis by GEN Patton from earlier this week and other events that have been culminating to where we are right now.

I could give you the highlights, but the entire thing article is a highlight.  I would invite you to click on the link above and read it the article in its entirety.

Trigger warning for the Trump crowd; bring your listening ears and an open mind.  Perhaps the base can make enough noise to get that guys attention.  Call it a triumph of hope over experience.


Anonymous said...

He's right about the "No-Fly List", but could expand even further on that subject. The list itself is a Kafkaesque idea. You can't find out why you were placed on it. You won't know you're even on it until you try to fly (or purchase a firearm if they had their way). And all that because it's a "secret list". Once you're on it you have no means of getting off it or having a day in court to fight it. And as Hershal said, they could put every single member of any gun organization on it; or anyone else they deem worthy for that matter. And just who exactly gets to mark someone as a terrorist? Who makes that call? What criteria is used? Beats me! And "No-Flying most likely will not be the end of someone's loss of transportation. Remember, it's the "TSA" - "Transportation Safety". Not "Flying Agency". So they can suddenly insert themselves into railroad transportation, buses and even the highways to end your right to travel. And all this tyranny because Americans would go along with anything after 9/11 without stopping to give a seconds thought about the loss of freedom that comes with giving any bureaucracy so much power...It all comes back to the People themselves. Jefferson said you will get the amount of tyranny you're willing to live under and Franklyn said those who will trade freedom for safety will get neither. But most Americans won't stop for a second to give this entire business any thought at all. They're the same folks that would have given the Roman soldiers nailing Christ to the cross a pass with the excuse of "they're just doing their jobs". It always boils down to "the People" because ultimately they have the power whether they know it or not. They are choosing their own bondage by never questioning something like a "No-Fly List" in the first place. When the discussion is directed at the list itself and not on whether someone on it can purchase firearms is when quite a few people will wake up and get it. That's why the powers-that-be fear information directed at the masses more than they fear a shooting war and desperately try to control that information. So when anyone finds themselves debating the firearms you must bring the debate to the "List". That's were the battle has to take place.

rexxhead said...

"Herschel", not "Hershal".

And Anonymous above at 4.44a has it exactly right. If you wouldn't be comfortable with the worst government imaginable having some power, you shouldn't give it to ANY government.