Thursday, June 9, 2016

Shocked Face!

Hershel Smith Sends: DNC Platform Committee Member doesn't think anyone should have a gun.

Click on the link for the video and commentary.


Anonymous said...

You first, all you DildoCrat bitches. When I see you totally give up your armed security guards, then I'll think about giving up my arms as well. That's all, just think about it.
Basically, it's a sucker bet, since we all know that DildoCrats believe in the concept of "rules for thee, not for me".

B Woodman

PS - Love the Tommy Lee Jones picture and caption. I may steal it for future use.

Anonymous said...

DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t Think “Anyone Should Have A Gun”

Dodging questions posed by George Stephanopoulos, Hillary Clinton left no doubt that she doesn’t believe in the individual right to bear arms as recognized by the second amendment. In fact, the Brady Campaign is already boasting that gun control is a central plank of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Anonymous said...

She just a few notches towards the top of 'the list'.

GaryM said...

Of course she thinks, sorry FEELS, no one should have guns. Except for the people in power and the people who protect her and her right thinking comrades.

And I'd bet she's willing to use the power of the gun to take them away from the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

DNC Platform Committee Member Says Nobody ‘Should Have A Gun’ [VIDEO]

Anonymous said...

DNC Platform Committee Member Doesn’t ‘Think Anyone Should Have A Gun’

Anonymous said...

Homosexual 9th Circuit: Americans Have No Right To Concealed Carry A Gun Outside Home

Anonymous said...

That dog don't hunt.Nullified 2 Governor's tyrannical edicts. .Not one more inch.Behind enemy lines,Ct.

Anonymous said...

States can restrict concealed weapons, appeals court says (CA)

A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that there is no Second Amendment protection for concealed weapons -- allowing states to prohibit or restrict the public from carrying concealed firearms.

The en banc opinion by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals could set up a new showdown on gun rights at the Supreme Court.

At issue was California's law on concealed weapons, which requires citizens to prove they have "good cause" to carry concealed firearms to get a license.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to tell the gun owning naysayers for years....the libtard gun-grabbers want ALL the guns out of private hands....INCLUDING YOURS! Nope, they are convinced that nobody NEEDS an AK, AR, or other semi-automatic variant. They buy into the "assault weapon"/"High Capacity Magazine"/"Armor Piercing Ammo" bullshit hook, line and sinker. All would be sunshine and lollipops if "you guys" would give up your "assault rifles" and that 2nd Amendment crap. To them all anyone NEEDS is the bolt or lever gun for hunting like they have. Handguns....well, those are the weapon of choice of street thugs, certainly not a law-abiding person. These people will never understand those of us that carry all the time. They think we're either scared and paranoid, looking for trouble, or are some kind of vigilante. Therefore, I write off and simply will not discuss firearms with these people when I find them out, who would probably be absolutely horrified to know what I actually possess.

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