Saturday, June 18, 2016

So "Triggered" even the Hipster's think this is mainstream

University oif Northern Colorado Bias Response Team Hangs 680 Posters in response to "offensive" phrases

If you do not think that the enemies of the western civilization are not taking note, they are.  What's funny is these people think they can negotiate with ISIS but free market, gun owning producer/breeders need to be eliminated.  Boy-o-boy are they in for a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: 17% OF REFUGEES ARE ISIS

Shaffer then addressed Brennan’s testimony regarding ISIS’ attempts to breach US territory through the porous national borders and by exploiting the Obama Administration’s lax policies toward immigration and refugee migration.

“I got the percentage from one of my sources. We’re talking about, right now, in the refugee stream, between 15-17% of individuals coming through the refugee stream are ISIS. Add to that the layer of the fact that we can’t really stream these folks.”

By the way, Hillary Clinton, presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats, is on the record saying she wants to increase the number of these refugees to the United States by as much as 500% when she becomes president.

B-4 said...

Movers, even w/ or w/o blue helmets have been easy to-date but I'm aging fast, so step it up will ya? B-4