Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tacticool Tuesday - What's in your vehicle?

BOV Kit lists are numerous and fairly redundant.  They do what they are suited to do.  The amount of time we spend in and around our vehicles is staggering.  About.com compiled the US Census data that suggests that the average American driver spends over 100 hours behind the wheel each year.  The AAA adds some more math to calculate it out further as to age, location, and certain occupational concerns.  Bottom line is that Americans are finding themselves with their vehicles more, and now we have a crumbling infrastructure to contend with along with more cars, (and more jackasses), being on the road.

It is a wonder we get anywhere sometimes.

Despite your focus, rural, urban or suburban, every car needs to have some sort of blowout kit to handle life's imponderables.  A good IFAK is just big enough to store beneath a seat but big enough to handle a lot of the first responder issues of controlling bleeding and maintaining breathing.  The IFAK is good, especially when coupled with a small, cheap range bag that is packed with other essential gear, more ammo, water, whatever; you get the idea.

In doing some research for some other bit of Tacticool that I found on a facebook auction site, I ran across this little gem that looks promising as a quick reaction bag for really bad days on the road:

But you say, "Matthew, why the hell would I need an active shooter kit in my Grocery Getter"?  Well check out the second video and I think you can see the utility a little better.

It makes a little more sense now as a fairly useful, and completely accessible system.  The only problem that I see in this is keeping the spouse and kids from stripping it of batteries, meds, band aids, or chemlights.
I can't help you there.


Chris W. said...

Over a hundred bucks for a fanny pack? Not gonna happen from me! I keep a OPMOD MCS 1.0 Modular Brief Case w/ Laptop Carry Case from Optics Planet in my vehicle and it carries a ton of gear including pistol, extra mags, medical kit, electronics charger and more. Fits great on the floor behind the passenger seat where I can get to it easily in my truck. Oh, and it's $35.00. Gimmicky headrest quick-release kit for over a hundred bucks I can definitely do without.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this thing strapped to a headrest just screams "STEAL ME" to thugs breaking into cars. I prefer not to leave anything in my vehicle unattended that I can't live without and wouldn't miss. A hundred dollar plus bag with another hundred in gear in it, I'd miss!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he said it, but I didn't catch it, I would add NeoSporin for after washing out a scrape (etc), and before covering it with gauze.

Just my 2 cents.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Frustrated Obama Plans More Executive Actions On Guns

Obama again failed to push through additional gun control efforts in Congress — even after blaming the terrorist attack in Florida on Republicans and supporters of the Second Amendment.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest revealed that Obama was “profoundly frustrated” after Senate Republicans again blocked anti-gun legislation.

Earnest suggested that the president would again turn to executive authority to try and enact gun control policies on his own.


BGnad said...

That was excellent boss, thanks!

-Bubba Man, on of the Bubbas of the Apocalypse.

wirecutter said...

Time to re-outfit since half the stuff that was good for California is wrong for Tennessee. Thanks for the head-slap.

Unknown said...

Did you see/hear the AD, right before he changed mags the first time