Thursday, June 9, 2016

David Limbaugh and Crowder make some interesting points regarding Tump.

David Limbaugh interview on how we can learn to like Trump even if we don't like Trump.
It starts at the 24 minute mark.
I'm still not sold, but it is a damn site more articulate than the "Not-Hillary" argument.






Anonymous said...

If you don't vote for Trump you might as well vote for Hillary. In our country we must always vote for the lesser of the two main evils. Republicans not voting in 2012 gave us Obama for a second term.


- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

I second that. Behind enemy lines,Ct.

Anonymous said...

For a few election cycles now I have heard the following comments on this blog site:

(1) “It does not matter which of the two parties you would vote for; the result always will be the same. Nothing ever changes”; or
(2) “I refuse to participate in a choiceless election”; or
(3) “Vote for the lesser of two evils! Hold your nose and vote!” or even
(4) “Vote for the worst candidate, and let us get this civil war started”?

So what should be done, gentlemen? How should you vote?

Let me ask you this: How many of you would like to make your vote actually mean something; to vote for a principle; that is, to vote for a presidential candidate that will govern according to the United States Constitution and has promised to do so, not according to some empty campaign pledge simply trotted out in an election year, but one made in good faith by a man of character who means it and will not be influenced to the contrary by special interest groups?

Who could that be?

For instance, there was a gentleman nominated at the convention in Salt Lake City on 16 April as the candidate of the Constitution Party. His name is Darrel Castle, a practicing Christian and a retired Marine (see him at www.castlereport).

Obviously, the benefits of voting for him will be these: It will encourage him and other like-minded people to continue their constitutional stand. It will demonstrate to the political opposition a growing grassroots commitment to a constitutional government. It also will alert the increasing number of frustrated citizens to a positive alternative party.

Just the same, I am curious. I would like to invite any sound reasoning as to why it actually would be a bad idea to vote for such a constitutionally-minded candidate.

Dutchman6 said...

I really enjoy your comment as it does offer many questions that many people seem to be chewing on.

How should I vote? I say no one is entitled to my vote no matter what argument to the contrary they give. When you have more than 100% of districts going to one candidate in 2008 and 2012, I tend to view elections as little more than a kabuki theater dance and with no more amusement then I give the Olympics; guaranteed entertainment every four years. It is very easy to be jaded by the current state of our "democratic" system. It is deplorable.

But neither you nor I have offered much of any solutions to the problem. That I would love to hear.

- Matthew

KBCraig said...

(Not trying to double-tap, but my comments seems to have hung in the process on another browser...)

Not voting for Trump is not a vote for Hillary. The only vote for Hillary, is a vote actually cast for Hillary.

If Hillary wins, the fault will not lie with those who don’t vote for Trump in November, it will be at the feet of those who voted for Trump in the primary: the only possible candidate with worse favorability ratings than Hillary, save perhaps David Duke or a member of Westboro Baptist Church.

No one is entitled to your vote. Vote, or not, as your conscience directs. You can vote as a protest against a candidate, or you can vote for someone you really want, or you can vote for an alternative that you find at least acceptable, whether or not that person has any chance of winning.

I will be voting for Johnson/Weld on the Libertarian ticket. That is not a vote for Hillary, and it is not a vote that would have otherwise gone to Trump; if they were the only names on the ballot, I would not vote for President (but I would still vote for the down ticket).

Anonymous said...

Everybody is concerned that hillary will be elected. Even the NRA is polling it's members to find out what their consensus is. My take on this election- If Trump loses and hillary wins, we are going to war. The U.S. will have a civil war that make the last one look like a blushing virgin bride. People are stocking up and buying. People that never thought of buying a firearm, are buying them now. No, I think the line is being drawn in the sand and the feds will be stupid enough to think they will win.

Notice to you feds- You'd best sharpen your pencils and figure out that you're out manned and out gunned. I've already ran the ballpark numbers and they look pretty bleak for you.

Chiu ChunLing said...

If you're not ready to vote from the roof-tops, you're allowing the blatantly fraudulent elections to continue.

Participate in the corrupt election process however you like, I'm not going to claim you're "lending legitimacy to the results" or anything dumb like that. But recognize that the mass media/political nexus regards elections as nothing but a way to prop up their perception of legitimacy. North Korea and Iran have elections too, with impressive theatrics demonstrating how their leadership is unanimously chosen by the will of the people.

Are our elections that bad yet?


They're worse.