Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Two Cheeks on the Same Ass

Submitted with only this comment:

The establishment on both parties knows how the Dems lost the House and Senate after the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and again in 2010 with as an answer to the first term of Obama.  They will have much to lose if they try and push for it now.  Which is why I say now that pressure needs to be put on the knee jerk, tearful handwringing of the establishment politicians (of both flavors), but not to go and sell you car to stock up on stripped receivers.

The canary in the coal mine is if the DNC is willing to truly push for additional gun legislation and so abdicate more seats in the House and Senate.  Any national disenfranchisement our firearm rights will be met with resounding defeats everywhere except for the deeply established colonies of big "S" socialist elitism, (i.e. NYC, LA, Chicago, Baltimore, San Fran, etc.).  If they are, they have abandoned any pretense that things will things will continue on the two part path.  The two state cold war we have currently enjoy will get lots and lots warmer.

Republicans Seek Wider FBI Surveillance Power After Orlando

Dems push for new gun laws after Orlando attack


Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious to me that the much feared civil war is much closer than people expected. I think recent events and comments by the Obama administration has made that much pretty clear. So the rhetorical question that keeps being asked, where do the cops and miltary fall on the obviously ANTI AMERICAN AND ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL actions and directives concerning gun control. Will they fire on citizens who will not comply with the agenda, and better yet will citizens actually stand up and FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES AND RIGHTS?

Sign me, Neal Jensen

John Otis Comeau said...

I like your "cold war" analogy, Matthew, and have been using it a lot lately. CWIII has already begun. it's just smoldering, and I hope that's all it takes to make the plutocrats back off and call off their dogs. but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Late news (06/15) says that both Dems and GOP support restricting gun sales to people on the TERROR Watch List. As long as that list contains only those shown to have ties to middle-eastern terror organizations, I wouldn't sell them guns, either. The biggest problem with terror in the U.S. is those extremely dangerous gun-free zones. Most states forbid even carry-permit-holders from carrying a gun into a place whose primary purpose is to serve alcohol. So, the Orlando night club was likely a gun-free zone. Terrorists classify a gun-free zone as a soft target and will attack such places first. One of the best things we can do for defense against terrorists is to eliminate gun-free zones.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...



the Plinker said...

I have only anecdotal evidence from a few friends I've talked with, but I think any gun-grabbing scheme will crash on the rocks when it comes to law-abiding people who have no economic options but to live in the inner cities of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. I do not think they will be easily divested of any firearms they might own, legal or otherwise. They know all too well that the 'authorities' trying to disarm them would have no compunction about leaving them defenseless against the storm.

Anonymous said...

Please do not fall for the "it's only for people on the suspected terror watch list with ties to the middle east" lie...That's BULLBLEEP!

That's just the "Camels nose in the tent" . The FBI and SPLC have both said ( Paraphrasing ), "Christians, Liberty Lovers, Those who criticize government and Second Amendment supporters are a bigger Domestic Terror threat than islamists.

If they get this legislation, the FBI will quickly stage some massive "False Flags" with us as the perpertrators and we will rapidly replace the islamists as the main enemy on the Terror Watch list.

Anonymous said...

I agree, we cannot allow the passage of such a gun ban, regardless of what has been bantered about. Everyone who disagrees with government could end up on the "watch list". Never forget that gov will always take any law and stretch it to the extreme given the slightest chance. There is a lot about the Orlando shooting that only makes sense if you seek a reason to disarm the American people, and it should not be the basis for any new legislation.