Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tacticool Tuesday - I give you the future of helmets, assuming we can still pay for it of course

New ballistic helmet brings you one step closer to Iron Man

"The Devtac Ronin Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet was unveiled at SHOT Show 2016. This ventilated two part helmet provides 70% ballistics protection (it may not be 100% but it’s a lot more than 0%). The cheekguards can be removed as necessary to provide access for a solid cheek weld when switching to firearms that aren’t modified to work with the helmet. Marketed for military and SWAT applications, the helmet will be available for civilian purchase later this year. The general look of the helmet is definitely intimidating. You wouldn’t want to see a squad of these bad boys coming for you."

I don't know about Iron Man, but definitely a little closer to Starship Troopers power armor mixed with a General Greivous look.

I cannot believe this particular model being will be fielded by either Officer Friendly or Private Snuffy.  I see a huge design error alone with the relatively limited field of view and the enclosed facemask that ensures you will be sucking in your own CO2.  These are the same reasons I hate paintball masks.  I understand what that it happens to have a fan system included but I also I know what happens to fans in the desert.  Just like everything else mechanical, it gets dirty and breaks.  Not exactly sustainable, is it?

It is like it was made by some damn MILSIM airsofters and not DARPA, ergo, no one actually tested the damn thing before they decided to showcase it at Shotshow 2016.  But I digress.

It does, however, represent a small step to the realization of future land warrior concept.  In 2013, a little fuss was made regarding the new helmets that were being developed, but I am unaware of an integrated GPS and communications platform being put through its paces.  Money and the willingness to have the taxpayer foot the bill for a helmet worth thousands of dollars per unit will be the deciding factor.  Of course, if the Department of Defense get's any smaller due to personnel cuts, we may just be able to afford it.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

^ This has already been tested its on youtube.^
It was designed for the point man in the stack, first in through the door. I think the Russians has it right using a clear face shield and helmet. The mask looks restrictive.

Anonymous said...

Absolute trash. Each of the sharp turns in form and direction serves as a face, or even a trap, to catch bullets that would otherwise deflect. Those damned channels will channel alright, clean into the valleys and grooves and through the armor.

They are death waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more "Terminator" than "Iron Man".
Either way, still out of my current price range, I'm sure.

B Woodman

RJM said...

At ~7 kilos forget about it! Oh my aching C2-C5 discs. Also a bad guy armed with a spray can of paint in addition to his weapons will blind this helmut.

oughtsix said...


Takes a quantum leap to supersede present capabilities.

Stop faunchin' about fedtyrant fantasies

Liberty finds a Way....