Thursday, June 23, 2016

George Patton sends: Restore Liberty in My Lifetime?

Restore Liberty in My Lifetime?

An excerpt:

"We in the liberty movement all talk about “restoring rightful liberty” whatever that means to the folks talking about it. Many of us call ourselves three percenters, alluding to the three percent of the patriots who fought for liberty during the revolutionary war."


"The Patriots were motivated by equality, economic mobility and freedom of religion."

"What percentage of Americans are motivated by these three things today? We read daily of regular folks begging the government to take their rights away under the notion that we “might” be safer.  The number of folks that really want equality of opportunity is almost none.  Attacks on economic mobility occur from every side of the political spectrum.  Freedom of religion?  Americans are embracing religion at a smaller number every year it seems."

"So, what are we restoring? How many Americans even recognize these motivations enough to even want them?"


Anonymous said...

We have lost these founding concepts gradually through the public school education system. It will take equally as long to re-teach these concepts to the current and next generations. Who are you teaching, and how are you teaching?

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

It will probably take a bloody civil war before folks wake up and again realize what is important. Casualties? It will make the 1860's civil war look like a skirmish.

Rhodes said...

Now you are asking the hard questions, congratulations, and the answers as obvious and difficult to accept as they are must be acknowledged and acted upon. Beats the heck out of following a lie as only the truth may set one free.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Where the hell did THAT come from?

Patriots of the American Revolution didn't give a damn about equality . . . they didn't practice it nor did the hunger for it.

Patriots of the American Revolution mainly wanted to keep what they had; they weren't concerned about becoming CEO of Goldman-Sachs. You were born a Farmer, you stayed a Farmer . . . you became a trader, you led pack horses or drove a tinker wagon out to the country to sell or swap goods.

Patriots of the American Revolution were, in the main, Protestants, jealous of their turf. They didn't care very much for those damned Papist Frenchies, either.

Basically, the Americans were displaced Englishmen, and most would have been happy with reconciliation, even late into the war.

History is what was, Myth is what we wish was.

FSHB said...

Anon 8:59, perhaps you should read some of their own words from the sources before you spout. When Thomas Jefferson wrote the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, he wasn't spouting platitudes and wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot what Anon @ 8:59PM said.....but they did want equality under the law....and equality with citizens in England who had representative government.

Sean said...

Never is one war, or civil war, like the one before it, or another at a different time. They are all different from one another in cause, action, and outcome. I've met and talked to people who are STILL violently opposed to WW2. It will pan out whatever way it will, supported or opposed by whoever, for whatever reason. You can only use the past as an EXAMPLE, not a gauge or any kind of true measure. Whatever expectations Americans have of such a civil war, it will start and be carried out under conditions unlike any we've ever seen, but one constant of all wars will remain. Few will actively engage in it, and those that do will wonder at those who stay on the sidelines. But as always, men and women will not run to war, but away from it, because they know what it is. From the beginning of recorded history, to the present, it is the same way. The odds, the situations, the capacity, the manpower, all of this is a crapshoot. To those doom sayers who speak of Leviathan and its massive destructive capacity, and all the powers it has, I say, look at the Taliban. They're still in business, and Uncle has largely left the building. They had little to start with, little during the worst of the fight, and little now, and yet they outlasted the mightiest force on the planet. Don't sweat the odds, the fight will be won by the one who remembers that Persistence and Determination are the closest man comes to omnipotence.