Monday, June 27, 2016

Because they would have done it for me

Even if you do not see the whole 45 minute speech, I would invite you to just check out the opening 5 minute vignette about an A-10 pilot in Afghanistan.


Chiu ChunLing said...

He explains what an A-10 is and I'm like...who's the audience.

Then he gets into the story and I don't care.

But to the central question, people who would do that for others seek out others who would do the same for them...and they reject loyalty to organizations full of people who wouldn't.

So if you don't belong to a group of people like that, if your workplace isn't that way and you tolerate it and haven't already quit, then....

You might be the kind of person that resorts to chemical explanations for human morality or lack thereof. It's just not true that you need other people to release oxytocin and seritonin. Any neurologically high-functioning person can do it with imagination (money is helpful, but not essential). And a leader that has the endurance and vision to weather storms and unpopularity and remain trustworthy and steadfast could use that imagination to just invent a scenario that made them feel good regardless of reality. That's what narcissists do. But real leaders don't.

It's not about chemicals. Cause chemicals can be fooled. Maybe most other animals, not even mammals, can do this, but humans certainly can and most people do.

Anonymous said...

We are angry with leaders who excessively enrich themselves and fail to sacrifice to help the group, or worst- sacrifice the group for their personal advantage. See Clinton Foundation, Arkancide, 13 Hours (in Benghazi), Operation Gun Runner (Fast & Furious, and certainly more.

The Democratic Party is part of this self-dealing by refusing to allow actual democratic candidate selection by inventing "superdelegates" so that they don't have to resort to the measures needed to not nominate Robert Kennedy. If they could eliminate the worst morally-challenged individuals early in the race, this would be no business of mine, but they eliminate the best and most-qualified.

I don't believe Mr. Trump is going to strike it rich as POTUS, but he may delay our ongoing 50-year planned-disaster long enough that few Americans will starve to death during the inevitable dollar collapse. He WILL benefit, by having a functional nation-state for the grandkids to live in. A rich old man can recognize that after the first billion, you aren't personally benefitted by more income/assets, and that managing the money and "deals" is just a way to spend the days between golf and travel.

Anonymous said...

Awesome talk on leadership. This is the reason so many companies fail or have a high turnover.

the Plinker said...

In today's society, I'm not sure you can learn the value of others, or the concept of doing for them without serving in the military. It used to be the concept was taught first in families, then reinforced in schools, churches, team sports, etc. That is still the case in some families, but the opposite seems far more the rule. When you consider all the ways in which we enrich ourselves at the expense of others, it makes one's head swim.

Anonymous said...

Thanks SGT Mike, another great contribution to the collective thoughts that need to UNDERSTAND why we function the way we do. Sometimes people just NEED TO HEAR IT, plain spoken like this. thanks for Sharing this video, it was well worth my time.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen

Anonymous said...

Do you know what the current Obamanation and PTB FEAR the most?

Leaders..just of the type he talked about. They fear ANYONE who can cause people to come together and unite for a common cause. its why our Military doctrine and the doctrine of the Political LEFT are the same, to isolate and execute LEADERS (resistance leaders, grassroots leaders). THEY WANT NO RESISTANCE, and to KEEP resistance from forming they target the EFFECTIVE leaders.. Our SPECOPS do the same (see Jade Helm) and they trained to do so ON OUR SOIL. if you think they are not training to execute the tasks of the POLITICAL LEADERSHIP to remove the THREAT to their continued corrupt rule, then you don't understand our military at all. Just saying.. When you stand out as a knowledgeable and influential LEADER, they will target you and come after you because they cannot AFFORD NOT TO. that's is WHY we need to fight back, not with bullshit writing campaigns or demonstrations or marches or boycotts. Oh no, with beans bullets and blood. We cannot survive at all if we do not accept and resign ourselves that it is true, that it is an imperative, that we MUST fight back violently and physically against what is happening to us as a country.

Sign Me, Neal Jensen