Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a hoot! Dallas FD SAC undercuts rationale for border state long-gun sales reporting.

ATF Dallas Field Division Special Agent in Charge Robert Champion. (Who would like you to forget that the weapons found at the Jaime Zapata murder came from Dallas.)

From KRGV: "Federal Agents Say the Valley is a Hot Spot for Gun Trafficking."

MCALLEN - The Valley is a prime spot for smuggling guns into Mexico.

Robert Champion is the special agent in charge of Dallas.

"You have guys that are money man, one guy is in charge of getting the straw purchasers," he says.

Champion says the ATF is now seeing a change in the way the cartel operates.

Instead of buying weapons locally they're getting them from all over the country and using the drug routes in reverse to get them back to Mexico. (Emphasis supplied, MBV)

"The straw purchasers will come back to the guy that gave them the money. He accumulates the firearms. Another individual comes as the transporter to pick up the firearms and move them to different locations," says Champion.

A gun could move from stash house to stash house for weeks before going back to Mexico.

Once they get into Mexico they're sold for double and sometimes triple the purchase price.

Champion says the ATF can't do much to stop the transport. The same office that's under fire for letting thousands of guns cross the border.

But, but . . . wait! If the cartels are getting their weapons "from all over the country" doesn't that undercut the rationale of the long-gun multiple sales reporting diktat just issued? Yes, it does. Don't worry, though. This won't hurt Champion's reputation in the eyes of his Gunwalker conspirator bosses in DC permanently. All he has to do is admit that the weapon that killed ICE agent Jaime Avila (which came from Dallas) was a "walked" weapon. Then all he has to do is go in front of Congress, commit unskillful perjury like "Gunwalker Bill" Newell and his boss McMahon and he'll get a promotion to DC!


Oakenheart said...

So now they use that fact to get the damn thing extended nationwide. Probably the planned progression.

Robert Fowler said...

Most 9of us have known all along the reporting requirement for rifles was a registration scheme. I bet it won't be six months before they try and spread it to all 50 states. Of course getting around the scheme is child's play.

There will be more promotions coming along for the major players. What better way to buy their silence than a nice cushy job in DC.

TL671 said...

And I believe you know this already, but this is just more of their attempt to subvert The Constitution, and make this illegal, unconstitutional "reporting"(registration) requirement nationwide.

Anonymous said...


Slightly off topic, but I am wondering if we should conclude that the DOJ IG investigation has been completed. I mean if several of the core people have been promoted, that must be the case, right?

Who in their right mind (or at least smarter than a 5th grader) would promote someone with significant charges still hanging over them?

Am I wrong about this?

Thanks for all you do,