Friday, August 26, 2011

Lop-sided Body Counts in Mexican Drug War.

Uptick in Mexico 'Confrontation' Deaths Strikes Disturbing Pattern.

To me, this indicates two things: the Mexican Army likely is in a "take no prisoners" mode (with all the human rights problems that entails, and the threat of the Zetas to the Mexican government in particular, as has been over-blown in some quarters like TTAG, is just that -- overblown.


Robert Farago said...


The horrific attack on the Casino Royale Monterrey (61 dead) was a Los Zetas operation.

Robert Farago said...

Please approve my previous comment. You mentioned TTAG in the post. I'd like my reply published.

Dutchman6 said...

Sorry. Been a little busy today, Robert. Didn't mean to feed your persecution complex.

And yes, it is over-blown. I will have more comments on that topic and your "The Zetas Made Them Do It" meme by Monday.

Mickey Collins said...

Anybody else think the author is upset because narcoterrorists are dying faster than soldiers?

Robert Farago said...

Let me be clear: the effort to arm the Sinaloas against the Zetas in no way excuses anyone from anything.

As I've pointed out numerous times, Operation F&F violated Mexican sovereignty and armed criminals who used the weapons for torture and murder, including U.S. Border Patrol Agent Terry.

At the same time, I recognize that the ATF is deeply, profoundly anti-2a. They've shown their willingness to break the law to further their "cause" many times, with even greater consequences for American citizens (but not Mexicans).

The CIA didn't "make" the ATF do anything. They worked with them to modify the program to serve the purposes of both agencies.

Do you really think the ATF could coordinate the FBI, DEA, CPB, ICE and the rest to put this scheme into operation WITHOUT the tacit approval of the CIA?

I have sources. But never mind that. The New York Times recently chronicled the renewed efforts of The Company in Mexico. sDoing what pray tell?

I'm a strong a believer in the 2A as you will find. I have repeated called for the feds to dismantle the ATF. But there's a bigger picture here. (or, if you will, another bigger picture.) And I will not shy from placing F&F in that context.

That said, I look forward to your expert analysis, and promise to consider all its points fully with an open mind.

Robert Farago said...

Please publish my previous comment.

Robert Farago said...

Please publish my previous comment.

And I do NOT wish anyone to kill anyone. There are no good guys in this story. None.