Thursday, August 11, 2011

FBI telegraphs fear of militias & preppers by trying to intimidate surplus stores into demanding ID for purchasing items like ammo boxes & MREs.

FBI Handout Lists Purchase of Preparedness Items as “Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities”.

The way to counteract this is simple. If your local surplus store starts asking for ID for items that the law does require it, tell them to go to hell. Something Oathkeepers ought to do is create a list of stores who have publicly refused to be stampeded by this obvious attempt to coerce them. More comments below.

An FBI Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force handout being distributed to Colorado military surplus store owners lists the purchase of popular preparedness items and firearms accessories as “suspicious” and “potential indicators of terrorist activities,” instructing store owners to keep records on and report people who:

“Make bulk purchase of items to include:

Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers

Meals Ready to Eat

Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks

High capacity magazines

Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles”

The FBI handout, entitled “Communities Against Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores” also instructs surplus store owners to:

“Require valid ID from all new customers.

Keep records of purchases.

Talk to customers, ask questions, and

listen to and observe their responses.

Watch for people and actions that are out of place.

Make note of suspicious statements, people, and /or vehicles.

If something seems wrong, notify law enforcement authorities.”

The handout also instructs surplus store owners to consider as “suspicious” anyone who “demands identity ‘privacy’” or anyone who expresses “extreme religious statements” and those who “make suspicious comments regarding anti-US, [or] radical theology.”

The “Communities Against Terrorism” flyer closes by stating:

Preventing terrorism is a community effort. By learning what to look for, you can make a positive contribution in the fight against terrorism. The partnership between the community and law enforcement is essential to the success of anti -terrorism efforts.

Some of the activities, taken individually, could be innocent and must be examined by law enforcement professionals in a larger context to determine whether there is a basis to investigate. The activities outlined on this handout are by no means all-inclusive but have been compiled from a review of terrorist events over several years.

The handout encourages surplus store owners and employees to provide information on “suspicious” customers by calling the Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force or the Colorado Information Analysis Center. This handout is very nearly identical to one issued by the FBI to gun stores from Connecticut to Utah: PDF

This new handout expands the absurdity by now also targeting customers of military surplus stores, and by specifically targeting the purchasing of very common, and very popular, preparedness items such as Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s) as “potential indicators of terrorist activities.”

While this particular handout is being given to military surplus store owners in Colorado, it is nearly certain that similar versions are being handed out by Joint Terrorism Task Forces in other states. Anyone who has seen such a handout, or who has a copy of one, please contact us at You know, “if you see something, say something!” It may be a potential indicator of government terrorist (tyranny and chilling of speech) activities. Remember, combating tyranny is a community effort and you can make a difference! – Oath Keepers

And commenting on the OK piece, we have this from

Obama Readies Citizen Spies For Action.

These are very common purchases, not for terrorists, but for Preppers and Survivalists, who are obviously the targets of the FBI profile, not secret Al-Qaeda agents. The handout goes on to list behaviors such as “making anti-U.S. or radical theological comments (?)” or “insisting on paying in cash”, as signs of terrorism. It even instructs store owners to subtly interrogate their customers in order to draw a fuller profile. THIS IS CALLED CITIZEN SPYING. Period.

The FBI Denver Handout is a perfect example of the oligarchic quest not for community participation, but for hardcore collectivism. That is to say, corrupt leaderships are not interested in community safety, or the elevation of individuals which make up a neighborhood, town, or city, but the manipulation of these people into mere extensions of the state itself. A procedure by which individuals are subdued and conscripted as mouthpieces and listening devices; weapons to be used, not to safeguard their community, but to enslave it.

The Counter Extremism Program falsely paints an image of community cooperation with federal agencies as balanced and mutual. It attempts to deflect fears of Orwellian oversight by suggesting the introduction of “Community Advisory Boards”, which would ostensibly wield the power to demand transparency in federal activities. In fact, such advisory boards are the perfect petri dish in which to condition local leaders into furthering the goals of centralization. As in despotic societies of the past, they go in thinking they are in charge, and come out as brainscrubbed servants of a dishonest regime. In this way, communities are pacified and wielded for state purposes, until those left who refuse to conform become utterly surrounded and fearful, never knowing who is and who is not watching their every move.

The fact that the Fibbies are doing this simply telegraphs their own fear of the constitutional militias and others who are self-sufficient and prepared.

LATER: David Codrea's comments here.


Phelps said...

When the government starts tracking food I can't help but remember how Stalin used famine and starvation as a weapon against the People.

Anonymous said...

Hey, FBI, FUCK YOU!!!! and the horse you rode in on.

Ed Rasimus said...

Those are also very common purchases in Colorado for folks who go hunting...and hunting generates about half a billion dollars a year for the state economy. I don't see a lot of cooperation for that program in the future.

BTW, what is a "night flashlight"? Is that different from the ones you use when it is dark?

Anonymous said...

"What is a "night flashlight"? Is that different from the ones you use when it is dark?"

They probably mean one that comes with a red lens cover, which I just bought from the Army/Navy surplus store in Englwood a few weeks ago. (There, you asshole tyrants. You can put me on your list.)

Anonymous said...

A "night flashlight" is a device used by the FBI/ATF to lay in waiting in the dark of night preparing to kill innocent children, women, and men like they've done so many time like at Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. Fuckin Pussies.

And might I suggest the FBI and all the other jack booted thugs remember the law of unintended consequences.

Mark Matis said...

For Anonymous at 12:10 PM:
It ain't just the FBI doing this. They work closely with their fine friends in Local "Law Enforcement" through the Fusion Centers located throughout the country:
Denver "Law Enforcement" would be coordinating with FedPig through the Colorado Information Analysis Center in Lakewood.

There are NO "good cops." Well, actually, that's not QUITE true. The ONLY good cop...

sofa said...

speaking of snitches and locals cooperating with tyrants...

when is "Absolved" going to be published?!

Or is it time to post links to each chapter again?...

TerribleTroy said...

Good point Ed. But I think that in this case its the thought (the feebs) that counts. The are correct to be afraid, they should be. I know a few people that are looking around at whats going on here and in the world and already prepared to survive / fight if necessary. I know a few that are just now waking up and I suspect a run on these items as we move from this year to next. I think this run will be heightened by those who buy into 2012 stuff. Ultimately this will produce a info overload IF they even receive compliance.

TypicalClinger said...

Most of the surplus store owners I know, are in that business because they like military stuff and survival stuff.They are the "kings" of preppers. I can't see the owner of G.I. Joe's Surplus turning customers in for buying a t-shirt that says "Kill em' all let God sort em out" and a rain poncho. Maybe the guy at Gander Mountain... crap!

Anonymous said...

i'm with anonymous!!!!!!!!!!

Female III said...

Won't work. I know for a FACT that a uniformed military intimidator was posted for weeks inside a popular gunshop in northwestern Ohio last time the ATF sent out a similar DICKtate. (Actually the wordage was more like if you don't mind, please ok would ya?) The intidator was mocked, laughed at and jeered to go find a real job. One customer stood next to him while asking the gunshop owner loudly what the bulk price was on AR15s. This went on for several weeks until the bad buys took their intimidator and went home. Didn't work then. Won't work know.

These aren't Victoria's Secret shops they are serious weapons stores for serious American citizens. Most will ignore it. Some will even say Go fuck yourself.

@Anonymous...For these jackals change that to "FBI, Fuck you and the women who bore you." They deserve nothing less.

TPaine said...

As has been stated here and elsewhere, we are living in their minds, rent-free. Hope they try that in Florida - we'll be waiting for them. Sheez! I have enough MREs in my garage to make the National Guard suspicious. Hell, I even have a jungle hammock and a "black ops" backpack...I've gotta be on the "10 Most Wanted" list!


Sedition said...

Kinda government agency tells you to have a certain amount of food and supplies in case of any disaster, then the other ones want to put you on a watch list for doing so.
Screw them...if you're gonna be a bear, be a friggin grizzly. I'm buying as much of this stuff as I can afford.
Hey, jackholes, just pay special attention of how much ammo I'm buying if you decide to come take away my MREs because I've bought too many of them. And that tingly feeling on the back of your neck when you come to storm my house...that's just the laser sights from the neighbor's firearms.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Sweet - if you are reasonably intelligent and happen to live in a blizzard, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake-prone area, you are now a terrorist, even if you are totally apolitical or even if you are a committed statist.

Tvarisch said...

I would also like to turn myself in. I have several large ammo cans stuffed with rice and beans, topo maps and a compass, a nice bugout bag, a couple of knives, and worst of all the dreaded "night flashlight" with a red lens. I'm a real threat to society, I am!

bubba said...

This is funny and almost has to be a joke. If this is true it must have been written by one of Obamas' *ick-less manginas who has never been in a Surplus Store in their life. They view all of us as gap-toothed, drooling hillbillies who wear rabbit-fur hats and carry our smoke-poles around everyplace we go.

bubba said...

Another thing, if they really wanted to find subversives, people who in their earlier days threw real bombs, they would have more luck checking out the tony, older clientele at the local REI Co-op in any university district in the nation.

ParaPacem said...

My comments, more or less, at David's place:

Let us prepare a document or flyer to be given to ALL surplus store owners and employees.
We must alert them that Secret Police and Police State Agents have been spotted in their areas, attempting to get information on US citizens. These Secret Police agents are asking for names, addresses and other personal information on people who purchase survivalist oriented materials. They are attempting to turn store owners and employees into spies for their Marxist cause.
The agents are part of a known communist network and should be reported at once. Please get names, addresses and telephone numbers of ANY agents who speak with you, and get that information to the heads of any local militia movements, Sovereign Citizen groups and RKBA groups.
Databases are useful for future public relations campaigns.. Ask the spirit of Michael Collins.

Anonymous said...

I love my country, but I fear my Government.

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Anonymous said...

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