Sunday, August 14, 2011

America's secret political police are at it again.

Privacy Groups Protest Massive DHS Database of Secret Watchlists.

Homeland Security plans to operate a massive new database of names, photos, birthdays and biometrics called Watchlist Service, duplicated from the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database which has proven not to be accurate many times in the past. DHS wants to exempt the Watchlist Service from Privacy Act provisions, meaning you will never know if you are wrongfully listed. Privacy groups worried about inaccurate info and mission creep have filed a protest, arguing the Privacy Act says DHS must notify subject of government surveillance.


Guffaw in AZ said...

Duly reposted and linked, h/t to you, Mike.
If we had a real press, this would be all over the place!

Old NFO said...

Now that is just flat scary... no oversight? No capability to refute? That will NOT end well for us...

Mark Matis said...

I have NO DOUBT that US "Law Enforcement" will fully honor their oaths of office to "...preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution..." and will arrest those responsible for this treason.

Don't you agree?

Pilgrims' Pride said...

I've long wondered why our crop of tyrants, as the Bolsheviks and Nazis before them, pay such attention to the "legality" of their acts of oppression and suppression.

Perhaps this is a transitional state to good. old fashioned strongman politics.

At least you can respect a strongman. There is no doubt who's in charge and where you fit in his scheme of things.

hellferbreakfast said...

Apparently, Mike, you have hit a nerve. Based on the retaliation from the fbi & dhs. (not capitalized because useless alphabet gestapo gangs don't earn it).

Bad Cyborg said...

And so those who would grind us down to accept the despotism of the elites take yet another step towards their own destruction. If they realized where their path was heading they would reverse course. Sadly, if they were able to perceive the precipice towards which they are so resolutely marching they would never have chosen that course in the first place.

DAMN! but I despise statists! The patrifellating oedipae are not only mucking up their OWN future but MINE as well! Worse, they're mucking up my GRANDCHILDREN'S futures TOO!

Bad Cyborg said...

Old NFO wrote "That will NOT end well for us..."

I don't know. Likely to end better for US than for THEM!

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right."(Victor Hugo)

W W Woodward said...

Unless and until the bureaucrats who survive from administration to administration are disposed of we will see more and more of this meddling in our private lives.

We are pissing up a rope with our complaints because the people who are really in control have utter contempt for us as well as for the legislature, the administration and the justice system. We citizens and the people we hire to allegedly represent us need to jerk some chains not just to get their attention but to break some necks.

Many folks act surprised about ATF, FBI, DHS, CIA and others of the fed's acronymic army's involvement in Gunwalker. No surprise to me. Those leaches have been f**king over the American public for decades. They have told us over and over again, "We're the government and we can do whatever we want to you. There's nothing you can do about it."

The arrogant bastards actually feel they aren't required to justify their actions to anyone.


WarriorClass III said...

Bring them down.

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