Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is the "Iron River" meme drying up?

90% of Guns Number Disappears from News Stories.


Dick's Dad said...

Their "no control over the bureaucracy" rings true as a general overview of all bureaucracies, but the whistleblower accounts (including Gil) and the multi agency complicity in this require a high level coordinator. The lowest level at which that could occur is Deputy AG.

The sudden dropping of a meme is an interesting event.

Pals who've formed a round the globe and therefore round the clock relay, countering the professional leftist trolls on some of the big traffic blogs, say that the Global Warming meme has been dropped, and libertarianism is now the trolls' main target for abuse.

Like a mythical hydra, or dragon's teeth; you cut one head off and ten more spring up to bite your ass.

What are those new memes, and where are they growing?

Anonymous said...

I used to believe that there were a few corrupt politicians that were causing all the problems. Then I believed that there were many more of them than I had thought possible. Then I realized that All of them, were either Marxists or controlled by Marxists.

Then I realized the brutal intent behind all of it.