Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back at the library. Obama coming into town tomorrow. Memories of Clinton's last tornado trip.

So, the Dear Leader is flying in tomorrow to dispense his royal largesse. This fact brought back memories of when Bill Clinton came into town in similar circumstances back in 1998 after another devastating tornado for the obligatory public emoting and hugging of strange women. Back then I had a big maroon Chevy Silverado king cab pick-up truck and since I knew I was on their silly watch list, I decided to celebrate by strapping a whopping big poster the size of my tailgate on the back-end of the pick-up. It said, in huge black letters on a white background: "HIDE YER WIMMIN! CLINTON'S IN TOWN!" It got rave reviews in traffic and the Secret Service guys assigned to follow me around asked me to pose beside it for a photo. I was happy to oblige. Don't have the pick-up any more. And if everything works right on my fall-back to the fall-back plan, I'll be leaving town for a lightning trip to Pittsburgh by the time Dear Leader lands. Too bad. I could come up with all sorts of taunts for the Lightworker.


Anonymous said...

"Hide your money! Obama's coming!"

Dedicated_Dad said...

More like "hide 'yer nubile nephews!..."

Mark Matis said...

The One is coming here as well, but his entire visit will be in restricted access areas on gummint property.