Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Examiner columnists continue to bang on different aspects of the Gunwalker scandal.

David Codrea chides: National news magazines ignore ‘Project Gunwalker’ story, embrace statist fluff

An overwhelmingly “progressive” mainstream press, one that continually stumps for yet more citizen disarmament while for the most part ignoring what should be a major lead story/headline-generating scandal committed by officials they’re supposed to be monitoring, is all atwitter with anticipation for the upcoming royal nuptials.

“All hail Kate Middleton, the woman who can rebrand the British monarchy,” Newsweek editor Tina Brown gushes as she introduces the weekly’s April 3 cover story.

Thank God for that.

A privileged progressive cheering on the regressive political institution of monarchy, invoking the Deity to laud the Divine Right of kings. How “Freedom is Slavery” Orwellian of her.

Kurt Hofmann asks the very good question: How deeply has DHS been involved with 'Project Gunwalker'?

"Project Gunwalker," the growing scandal in which the Burea of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) deliberately allowed thousands of firearms to be "walked" across the U.S./Mexican border by known gun traffickers, was almost certainly primarily the work of the Department of Justice. The DoJ is the parent department of the BATFE, and DoJ's fingerprints are all over this travesty. Still, this is too big for even the DoJ to have done completely on its own. Sipsey Street Irregular Mike Vanderboegh has been digging deeply into what looks like an administration-wide operation to create the mythical "iron river" of guns from the U.S. commercial market going to Mexico, to match the narrative we've been fed for the last two years.

One agency that would have to be brought into such an operation on some level is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as parent agency of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (which is in turn the Border Patrol's parent agency), etc.

See also, Dave Workman: UPDATE: Congressional ‘Gunrunner’ investigators in Arizona


pdxr13 said...

Tired of TREASON and making illegal war on a southern neighbor?

Here's the Long Form Birth Certificate! Well,'s A long form birth certificate, just not the one issued at BHO's birth.

Here's a quick overview of how crumby a forgery it is:


Anonymous said...

There appears to be an overall acceptance by the general public, who are aware of this illicit, illegal action, that this evil corruption Mike V and Mike C have fought hard to publicize is an "agency" problem perpetrated on the nation by an out of control government agency acting on its own..
I PROTEST such lunacy Vehemently !
What we have here is a group of government employees at different levels of authority from the agent or support level on up the the decision makers in DC who have acted collectively yet individually to deceive, misrepresent and commit treason against those they have sworn before God to serve. This is NOT about agencies, groups or departments !! This IS about your fellow citizens, some show may live next door to you, some you see every day and some you see on TV, but citizens nontheless, who willfuly violated their oath to us and our trust in them to further an agenda that has no purpose but to damage and destroy that which Americans hold dear.
These people are GUILTY as if they killed Americans with their own hand.. each and every one.. from the receptionist at the front desk who takes their messages to intermediate scumbags who aid in their coverup to the mutt at the top who began it all.
INDIVIDUALS.. Not leviathin governments.

Spitnyri lll

sofa said...

any update on Absolved?