Friday, April 15, 2011

Sen. Grassley: "Praise the Lord for whistleblowers." The full remarks in the well of the Senate yesterday.



Mark Matis said...

I wish him and Congressman Issa well, but I am fairly confident in what the results will be.

Anonymous said...

He is clearly reading words he did not write. His words are slurred and he is slow in his delivery. Has he been drinking? Do his meds need to be adjusted?

I don't care for Grassley. I don't trust him. He is a U.S. Senator! Puffed up on his own self importance and prestige. He and his ilk are responsible for the current mess the country is in. He and his ilk allowed the ATF and FBI to get away with murder at Waco and Ruby Ridge. The hearings that followed from those disasters show that the members of both houses of congress were more concerned with making theater to show their myrmidons in law enforcement how much they believe in them and support their efforts to "keep us safe".

Each day that passes, convinces me that even if hearings come out of this debacle they will be as meaningless as the Waco and Ruby Ridge hearings.

Fox watching the hen house. Don't make any real waves. Just appear to be doing something and most Americans will accept that.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

You can also see the transcript here. This sentence particularly jumps out at me:

But now, ironically, I have provided more internal documents to the Justice Department in this investigation than the Justice Department has provided to me.

That sentence followed Grassley's recalling Holder's confirmation hearing, at which Holder told him that "I will try to do all that I can to make sure that we respond fully and in a timely fashion to the very legitimate questions that I know you have propounded to the Department."

I get the distinct impression that Sen. Grassley is not happy.

Anonymous said...

After hearing this speech, does anyone honestly believe Senator Grassley will not use his office to block confirmation of Presidential appointees if his request for Justice Department cooperation is not fully met?


Anonymous said...

With separation of powers working properly, the more self important Grassley is, the better.

If as you suspect, he's after prestige, then the way he'd get it is by putting manners on the Fe'rel agencies.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I believe that Senator Grassley will do whatever Senator Grassley thinks is best for Senator Grassley's re-election prospects.

I also feel these Gunwalker investigations will go nowhere. If the press had been fond of Richard M. Nixon, we would never have heard of Woodward or Bernstein and "Deep Throat" would still be a rather mediocre porn movie. But the press loves Obama and Holder. Don't look for any serious negative consequences for him or Holder. The press has their backs and that gives cover to all the congresscritters